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7 Best Ways to Remove Makeup

Best Ways to Remove Makeup

Remove Makeup

Applying makeup is a simple process and gives you a beautiful look for an evening but what is more complicated is the art of knowing how to remove makeup and that can bring about adverse effects for your skin and general look. So in order to make sure that you do not ruin your precious face and the skin underneath it is best to understand how to remove makeup and implement all these ways.  You might just take this emphasis on knowing how to remove makeup for granted but actually it is of great significance.

1. Washing Face

The first thing which is repeatedly emphasized upon in all guides of how to remove makeup is washing your face thoroughly. This is important since when you wash your face for makeup removal you get to remove all solid and removable make up and that leaves behind residue which can be easily wiped away using small techniques of how to remove makeup.   If you have put on any sunscreen and not make up then also it is prudent to wash your face.

2. Sensitive Make Up Remover

If due to some issues you cannot wash your face for removing makeup then do not worry since you do can learn other ways of how to remove makeup. Start off with your eyes. For removing makeup from eyes you have to use a special and sensitive make up remover other than the one used for face. Try to wipe it on your eyes in such a way that it removes at least your liner or mascara.

3. Use of Steam

Most guides on how to remove makeup advise use of steam for removing makeup from your face. You have to cover your head with a towel or something and then put your face closer to a bowl of steam that shall open your face pores and allow effective cleansing.

4. Use of A Good Cleanser

In case you are using steam for removing make up then the next step in this league is the use of a good cleanser that suits your skin type well. A good way of how to remove makeup is wetting your finger tips and then tapping your face with them in such a way that it reaches all the parts of your face following the way it is prescribed to be applied. Use of a good quality toner that again suits your skin type is endorsed by all ways of how to remove makeup after cleansing can be effective however do not go for an alcohol based toner since it is harmful for your skin.

5. Use Of Rose Water

Guides on how to remove makeup also advise the use of rose water on your face for makeup removal since rose water is a natural toner and an antiseptic that removes all impurities and microbes from your face. Sprinkle it on your face and wipe it off using cotton or any hygienic cloth. However if you have any skin issues and your dermatologist does not recommend its use then you should better learn some other ways of how to remove makeup and implement accordingly.

6. Baby Wipes

Here it is to be mentioned by all guides on how to remove makeup that use of any baby wipes is to be abstained from. It is a general and common mindset that baby wipes are mild and gentle in nature and hence less and even totally not harmful for your face. This is a common misconception as such products do contain toxics that adversely affect your skin.

7. Apply Oil

If you have a dry skin then ways of how to remove makeup are a little different for you. You have to apply oil with a clean cotton pad to wipe all the makeup off from your face and eye lids. This is to keep your skin moisturized.

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