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Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

Makeup Tips For Women Over 50Eventually, the effects of time begin show on the faces like wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation etc. There are some simple techniques to look your best even if you have an ageing skin. Firstly always start with a good cleanser and moisturizer because this will help soften any fine lines of ageing skin over 50 and allow your makeup to go on smoothly and evenly.

The hormonal changes and skin tone variations after 50 make the face look dull. So here are makeup tips for ageing skin. An ideal makeup tip is to prefer a make up which looks good on you and not what others do.

1. Instead of using the traditional lip liner pencil, a makeup tip would be to line your lips with a bristled brush that is stiff. This gives your lipstick the staying power for ageing skin and that will help avoid any bleeding or feathering of your lip color.

2. For setting your make-up particularly for an ageing skin, apply a loose translucent powder with a powder brush in the morning and do not reapply during the day.

3. A touch up for shine is essential for ageing skin so simply use a fluffy brush.

4. Lessening the appearance of the lines from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Use a highlighter to just brush the jowl thus making it less noticeable for ageing skin is an expert makeup tip.

5. For an ageing skin it’s important to lessen the appearance of a saggy neck, so a makeup tip is to use a non-frosted powder slightly darker than your natural skin tone and apply it under your chin. So this powder creates the effect of a shadow, and thus making it less prominent.

6. Forget the myth that you shouldn’t wear frosted eye shadow for an ageing skin. Frosted eye shadows, if applied properly, can make you look young.

Who knew that the drugs store holds all the magic tools you need to shave a few years off your face.

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