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Glitter Winter Makeup Trend

Glitter Winter Makeup Trend

Glitter Makeup IdeasWinter is not an exciting season it is very boring. A woman doesn’t want to do anything except for sitting in front of the fireplace.  Women please get out of your boring routine step into new winter makeup trends to look gorgeous even in these dull winters. Winter is the only season in which woman wants to look glittery and bold.

This year the stylists are giving more glitter makeup ideas, this winter is all about being glittery.  Now days glitter makeup ideas are all over on the web and even this is the most popular makeup amongst the celebrities. So the hottest winter makeup trend to look glittery from head to toe. We will discuss some glitter makeup ideas so that every woman can look hot and attractive in parties. Glitter makeup will just look stunning when it is done in the right way so follow some glitter makeup ideas to get a perfect look.

Winter makeup trend tells us to get a glitter eye color. Get all the basic colors which make you look hot. Always go for natural colors that match your skin tone, don’t go for dull colors like gray they will make you look older.  The colors which give a perfect sparkly look are pink, silver, gold and black.

The most important part of winter makeup trend is to use oil based foundation, they give a glow to the skin and makes you look fresh. Select foundation according to your shade but never compromise on the brand get the best you can afford. MAC and Booby Brown are the best ones. Conceal your spots and dark circles. Use of powder is very important do puffing with it.

Glitter makeup ideas start from eyes, eye are the most important features when it comes to make up. If the eye makeup is done perfectly than its mean makeup is done perfectly. Eye makeup defines your personality so before starting eye makeup keep in mind that what message you want to give to the crowd through your makeup. Winter makeup trend teaches to be bold and innovative.

Glitter makeup ideas are very simple for it put a gold glittery eye shade and smudge it with the liner it will give a perfect sparkly look. Use a shimmery gold eye shade as a highlighter, and in the inner use two colors and blend them together. In the eye makeup blending of colors is the only technique which is important to be learnt. There are different ways to do a glittery eye makeup. Smokey eye makeup and dramatic eye makeup will give a true glittery look at this season.

Winter makeup trend says to put an extensive eye liner because eye liner defines the shape of the eye. Black heavy eyeliner is the hottest trend of this year. Use of heavy mascara will for sure enhance the beauty of the eyes. 2013 winter makeup trend say that go for bold glittery eye shades that makes you look stand out. Glittery makeup ideas say use shimmery blush on and mix two three colors, they will give a new look. Use body shop and Dior shimmery blush shades go for peachy pink colors. Blush on is all about playing with colors.

The very common winter makeup trend is really simple all you have to do is wear a red lip color, go for color between deep red to coral red. Red color is every skin tone. Don’t hesitate to wear it. You can either put a lip glaze but red lip color is the best option.

Keeping yourself simple and bold is an ideal winter makeup trend for 2013. Follow these glittery makeup ideas to look more gorgeous, so that you can be the center of attention of the party.

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