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Best Makeup for Blonde Hair

The hair color vary from platinum to golden and then from golden to beach. But the Makeup for blonde hair differs from rest of the color tone of hair. As we know that Blonde has always been a hair color which can rarely be overlooked. The hair color comes in many shades from light platinum blonde, golden, beach, and cool bronze, wheat blonde and caramel hues.

The following tips has classified into various categories by determining the suitable Makeup for blonde hair.

1. Platinum blonde hair

Women with the platinum blonde hair should not apply copper or dark shades of brown color. Well the best Makeup for blonde hair is light, neutral and eye candy. The ash-based ivory and silvers give a neutral appeal. The Makeup for blonde hair should n too dark. Be too dark and shimmery. However shades of red and pink lipsticks balance the blonde hair shade beautifully. Smokey eyes look great with platinum blondes.

2. Ash Blondes

Ash blondes should use golden brown eye shadows which should complement their skin complexion. The gold-colored highlights/ hues below the eyebrows are perfect for ash blondes. However mauve / magenta tones look stunning on lids.

3. Golden Shinny Blondes:

Another Makeup for blonde hair is to go for the shades of rosy pinks, dull orange/ peaches with slight touch of dull gold on lips and cheeks. Choice of darker violet and deep purple is indeed appealing. The Makeup for blonde hair goes well with eyes with neutral tone and can be termed as a fantastic Makeup for blonde hair.

4. Beach Blondes

Another Makeup for blonde hair is to make selection of bright, shiny, sunny shades which could give a feel of being sparkling. The beast Makeup for blonde hair for beach blondes included colors like honey or caramel. Try to look for highlighters in golden hues, not pearl, ash white or too silver. However ladies having beach blondes should keep their face palette soft.

5. Darker Blondes

 Ladies with Darker blondes should go for maroon/ brownish rose other than that the lighter pink hues may look too elegant indeed termed as best Makeup for blonde hair.

6. Determine the Natural Tone of Skin

For ladies who have naturally olive/ little dusky skin tone with hazel/ brown eyes, should be extra colorful to apply the Makeup for blonde hair. Your skin tone should complement the natural true blonde’s furthermore it allows you to choose the makeup color palette.” Even if you posses a dark skin tone with dark brown eyes having blonde hair the best Makeup for blonde hair should sticks to neutrals and pinks to bring overall balance to look.

Ladies having Reddish blemishes over skin are quite obvious on fair complexion. So the Makeup for blonde hair for such skin type should be natural and light because it will complement one’s baby complexion. The beige/yellowish colors can add more into the Makeup for blonde hair. If you have an even complexion the darker deep lip colors goes well with them and termed as one good Makeup for blonde hair..

7. Pinky/ Rossi Lip Colors for Blondes

All rosy pinky shades of lip color compliment the blond hair. This choice of Makeup for blonde hair is auspicious for you and looks great on fair complexion woman. The pink tones with beige/ brownish undertones go well for women with golden blonde hair. The lip liner/pencil in same rosy lighter color can go well with blonde hair . Blondes should never even think of using a darker lip liner.

8. Apply Rose Shades on Cheeks

Yet again shimmery light pink shades are ideal for women with blonde hair. Furthermore peach and golden Makeup for blonde hair goes well with golden blonde hair.

9. Apply Barbie pink Eye Make-Up for Blondes

Another best Makeup for blonde hair is colors like Barbie pink or deep violet. Try using softer hues like rose /lilac with grey or brownish undertones. Even the smoky eye makeup can be applied at evening occasions.

10. Grayish hues for Eyebrow Styles for Blondes

Women with naturally light blonde hair eyebrows shouldn’t be using dark eyebrow pencils. Makeup for blonde hair which goes Ideal with eyebrow must go for pencils or in light greyish brown or greyish rose hues.

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