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5 Easy Home Hair Removal Methods

You can get unwanted hair removed from any part of your body with methods that can be easily done at home at a minimal cost or pay a higher rate for taking services from a professional recognized in this area. All DIY methods offer only a temporary solution and the period up to which results last are dependent upon the method by itself.

On the contrary, all expert-offered methods are largely permanent but come with a price. The second category is more recent than the first and is witnessing an increasing number of patrons to avail them. However, the first type can be done at the convenience of your own home with relatively less involvement of money.

Some of these hair removal methods include

1. Shaving

This is probably the highest used hair removal method. Shaving works best for legs. Removing hair in the facial area is best avoided through shaving. There is no pain but the results are short lived. While shavers are best used when you are hard pressed for time, it is not a completely recommended approach to try every time.

This is because shaving causes stubbles from the second or third day itself. Long strokes that are lightly done are the best way to shave hair off skin. However, some experts do not approve the use of a shaver. But this is certainly a quick fix hair removal method.

2. Tweezing or Plucking

This is one of the most basic methods for removing hair from its roots. Hair takes much longer to grow back and when they do, they are not as rough as hair that grows after shaving. Tweezing does not cause much pain because the work gets done in one tug.

Rubbing ice on the area before tweezing will help to minimize pain. Plucking works best on eyebrows, chin, belly or any other sensitive area where hair is sparse. Tugging on the hair closest to its root is the best way to pluck it off your skin.

3. Depilatory or Hair Removal Creams

Depilatory can also be called hair removal mousses and lotions. Earlier, these products used to have an offensive smell to them but this is not the case any longer. These are best used on large areas like legs and more sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line that are more vulnerable to the slightest of pains.

While these work best with women who have a low threshold for pain, sensitivity of your skin to the product you propose to use must be checked. These creams and lotions help to remove hair only from the surface but good products serve as moisturizers.

4. Waxing

You can choose between hot and cold wax but the former is said to offer better results. Waxing helps to shrug hair off from its roots and hence offers relatively long lasting results when compared to most DIY hair removal methods. While it is a painful approach, the pain is bearable and the results are wonderful.

A silky smooth finish is guaranteed, unless and until your skin has other dermatological issues. The method also helps to remove accumulated dead skin from the surface and works best for top lip, underarms and legs.

5 Epilator

An epilator works and feels the way a multiple tweezer operates. The device pulls the hair out even if it is only 0.5 cm long. It is easier to use and more convenient since no creams, wax or lotions are required. Hence the time required to remove hair using this method is minimal. The pain is imminent but you will overcome it with time.

These are the simplest DIY hair removal methods. Choose the method that works best for you, given their advantages and your preference.

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