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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Bob Hairstyles

If you are tired of your simple bob hairstyles look, this is surely the time to try out some simple ways to update it. Among all short hairstyles, bob is surely the easiest one to carry, but making it your signature style may lead you to boredom. 

However, you can still make out some interesting twists out of your monotonous bob hair cut by trying out these simple ways.

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Bang it Up

Give your usual blunt bob an exciting touch by adding some blunt bangs. This change will give you even more modish look with noticeable difference. Make sure to cut those blunt bangs of medium thickness and length that fall right below and close to your eye brows covering them a bit. The perfect length of bangs will give you a chance to pull them back and manage them well.

Casual Sporty Look

Pull out a casual sporty look out of your bob hair cut by wearing headband during your day out. This will look best by wearing a thick headband with perfectly ironed hair. Wear your headband right at your hairline for a tidy look and you will enjoy a sleek static look with no worries of fly-aways.

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Have Some Fuller Waves

Even while sporting the traditional bob, you can still use those lovely hot rollers. Give your hair some voluminous waves by parting them on the side and set your side hairs with rollers by keeping them for at least half an hour. Take out the rollers and make your  wavy look stable by a long-holding hair spray.

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