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Celebrity Hair at Home

Want a new hairstyle in minutes? Here’s your ‘how-to’ Hair guide.

Long hair can be styled into so many different hairstyles, so go ahead and experiment. Don’t just leave your luscious locks hanging around, doing nothing! I prefer natural hair looks over the structured neat hairstyles only because it looks less hair salon and more “I did it myself”! Why is that better? I don’t really have the answer to that question, but just know that when Serena and Blair step out onto the Upper East side, their hairstyles always looks effortlessly beautiful and sometimes slightly messy! I know I just used a Television show -Gossip Girl’s reference but it’s the best way to explain the look. So here’s how to recreate celebrities hairstyles in a flash.


  1. To start this hairstyle either make a center or side parting and gather your long hair into a ponytail which can be high on the crown or low slung to the side. Chic versus sexy messy! Think about  celebrities such as SJP pitted against Taylor Swift if there were hairstyle bun wars!
  2. Once your long hair is secured with a black band, back comb the ponytail and then smooth over the hair slightly. Not too much otherwise the backcombing will come out.
  3. Depending on the thickness of your hair and hairstyle you want to create, you could place a doughnut around the ponytail to give more volume or possibly attach a hairpiece if your hair is shorter.
  4. Taking the ponytail length – wrap this around the base until you run out of hair! Then carefully slide some pins to grip your hair into place otherwise this hairstyle will fall apart.
  5. If you opted for the low slung, messy hair, side bun then randomly pin some loose strands of hair to the side to create that messy chic hairstyle.

And Voila! Your natural hair is transformed into a hairstyle worthy of the red carpet & or just dinner and a fabulous first date!


  1. Working with freshly washed hair, blast with drier until dry and smooth over with your GHD’s.
  2. Decide where you would like the plait to begin and end. And slowly work into the hair.
  3. You can go for a normal plait, side plait or fish plait which I think is the most current one to go for, like Leona Lewis. Again, you can make this hairstyle messier by leaving front parts of your hair open and wave them with your GHD or a curling tong.

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