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Pastel Hair is Easier Than you Think

Fashion is anything but traditional, so this autumn while shopping for traditional dark colors, don’t forget to think about Pastels. Candy Color Pastels made their way in from spring to fall 2012 Fashion Shows, from dip dyes to full head of rainbows. How to get Pastel hair look? If you need the answer to this, well you have come to the right webpage. Whether you are blonde or brunette getting the Pastel Hair look is a lot easier than you think.


1. Mixing Bowl
2. Applicator brush
3. Hair Color
4. Gloves
5. Conditioner (White)

For ladies with darker hair, you need to bleach your hair first before you follow the rest of the instructions. Before you bleach your hair I would recommend speaking to some expert first. Bleaching your hair could be tricky therefore it is important to do your research properly.
For Light Blonde/White Hair

First of all put the conditioner in the standard mixing bowl. You will be the judge of how much conditioner and the color you will need as it depends on the length of your hair. Now mix the color of your desired amount in the bowl. Remember you don’t need to use a lot of color as you are trying to achieve Pastel look. The color that you see after mixing with the conditioner is going to be the color of hair. Although if you do want a make it last longer you can add a bit more color.

Start Coloring:

Before you color your hair divide your hair into four sections or more. Start from roots of each section and then the length of your hair. Usually I find t is easier to use the brush to dye your roots and use your hands to dye the rest. After applying the hair dye leave it in for 30-40 minutes.

Be Fabulous!

Wash your hair, and wait for it to dry! But if you are too impatient like me then blow dry your hair and see the results. If you feel that the color is uneven, or lighter than you expected then you can dye your reapply the hair dye.

To keep up your new look and some general tips!

  • Make sure you use slightly warm or cold water to wash your hair.
  • Mix some dye or left over dye into your conditioner to ensure that color lasts longer
  • Don’t wash your hair every day, try using dry shampoo instead
  • If the color is darker than you expected than you can wash your hair few times to get the desired color.
  • Try asking someone to help with applying the color as it can be a bit tricky applying it yourself.
  • You can also use YouTube videos to see the whole procedure.
  • Do your research properly if you need to bleach your hair. Bleaching your hair yourself could be tricky or even dangerous so go to a professional for that part of the process (For ladies with darker hair)

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