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7 Tips to Make Your Hair Healthy Again

Having a thick luxurious mane of hair or having very little hair or going bald soon has a lot to do with our genetic predispositions.

There is nothing we can do to change that. But what can be done is that we can save what we have been given and that depends a lot on the kind of care that we give to our hair. Hair plays an important role in how we look and goes a long way in making or breaking our appearances.

The way we style our hair and the frequency at which we change our hairstyles also gives away a lot about who we are and says a lot about our personality. Since hair matters a lot to us and also plays a role in our self-esteem about our looks, it only makes sense that we take good care of it.

Here are a few tips to take better care of our hair.

1. Always dry your hair

Wet hair is not good for a lot of reasons. Leaving your hair wet and sitting in an air-conditioned room or going out in the cold can make you sick. It is also bad for the hair as it can fall off pretty easily when it is wet and pulled.

2. Never comb your hair or style it when it is wet

Hair is weak when it is wet and when you comb roughly when it is wet, you will notice that it gets pulled off easily. Dry it before you style it so you do not end p burning your hair and damaging it.

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3. Use apple cider vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar solution on your hair gives it a natural bounce. It has no chemicals and is good for your hair too. Rinse your hair well if you want to get rid of the smell.

4. Baking soda and water

When you wash your hair with a mixture of baking soda and water after shampooing, it takes the excess shampoo that might be still on your scalp or your hair. It helps in getting rid of chemicals from settling on your scalp or hair.

5. Bottle gourd

Make a paste from the bottle gourd and apply it to your hair. Leave it for a few minutes before you wash it to protect your hair and also give it some shine.

6. Olive oil or coconut oil

Olive oil and coconut oil can be used on the hair and applied regularly to give it thickness and shine. Olive oil is less greasy than coconut oil, so it can be applied after you wash your hair.

7. Avoid washing your hair with water that is too hot or too cold

Your hair can be damaged pretty fast when you subject it to water that is too hot or too cold. When you are washing your hair, ensure that the water is warm and not too hot. Having a great mane of hair makes you look good and gives you loads of self-confidence, so take good care of your hair and maintain what you have got.

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