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7 Disadvantages Of Keratin Hair Treatment

Though keratin hair treatment is a good way to get soft, straight and silky hair, you cannot ignore the side effects of the keratin hair treatment. Read ahead and find out some of the short term and long term side effects of keratin hair treatment.

1. No wash for 72 hours

You cannot wash your hair for 72 hours after you have taken this treatment. This is an important side effect of this treatment as it may interfere with your day-to-day activities. And if your hair frizzes because of anything you do, you will need to immediately iron it. Another point is that you cannot wear your hair up at least for 72 hours after the treatment has been taken.

2. Super-straight hair

Your hair will probably look super-straight immediately after you get the treatment done. This will make your overall appearance look weird. It is best to avoid any high-profile social gatherings for a few days after the treatment.

3. Eye and Skin Irritation

Another side effect of keratin hair treatment is the allergic reaction that may occur. Some may get rashes and suffer from itching. Others may get irritation in their skin and eyes following this treatment. It is very important to take this treatment from a reputed salon, which has well-ventilated rooms for treatment.

4. Risk of Cancer

One of the long-term side effects of keratin hair treatment is that it may cause cancer. This is due to the presence of formaldehyde, a chemical that is known to induce cancer in people.

5. Hair loss

After a few washes following the treatment, you may begin to notice that your hair has become thin. Hair loss is an important side effect of keratin hair treatment.

6. Damaged hair

Because of the keratin hair treatment, your hair may get damaged and look messed up. The effect of treatment may stay up to five months, maximum, after which your hair will begin to look unkempt and scruffy.

7. Lifestyle changes

Once you have opted for the treatment, you will have to get your hair retouched once in three months. So, you will have to spend some money and take time out of your schedule to accommodate frequent visits to salons. This is a long-term side effect of keratin hair treatment.

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