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5 Tips on How to Care for Curls

Believe us when we say that you’re the envy of the lot! The simplest answer being those cascading curls, which can drive a man insane. Most women think that having straight hair is a blessing. Well not always, unless it isn’t maintained.

So even if you’re one of the curly haired ones, hold your horses and chuck those curling irons away because your beauty lies in your curls and that rick glossy texture. However maintenance, nutrition and cleanliness are some assets those curls will need to stay healthy and strong.

Here are some quick style tips and steps to take care of your curls and prevent a bad hair day.

1. Avoid heating and curling irons

What you must always ensure is that your curls never get exposed to high temperature. Certain heating equipment can damage your hair texture and make it dry, increase hair fall and brittleness.

2. Opt for natural steam treatment

Instead of spending cash in buying heavy gadgets, give your curls some natural steam. You can do so by covering your curls with a shower cap and taking a hot shower. Otherwise, take a damp towel, microwave it for few seconds and wrap your hair into it once you’ve conditioned your hair properly. The basic idea is to unwind those locks and eliminate the fuzzy ends.

3. Go for regular trimming sessions

No matter how good your hair might be, lifestyle can change it totally. Therefore even if it’s a hectic schedule you follow, try pushing in a periodic haircut session such that your split ends can be treated and hair is allowed to grow in a more healthy fashion.

4. Avoid shampooing everyday

Even before you begin cleaning your hair, make sure you have the right product with least chemical concentrations and a conditioner which suits your hair texture. Curly hair can be difficult to manage but if you keep it clean and conditioned, it’ll stay as smooth waves which will enhance your features and make you look radiant.

5. Use detangling sprays/creams

This is where you need to be careful because not every product out there can give the best results. In case you do find an efficient detangling spray, apply it onto your curls and allow it to work its magic on those knots. Slowly either using fingers or a proper wide tooth comb, untangle those frizzes and let your curls subside.

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