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5 Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Beautiful and well done hair surely reflects the beauty and charm of the women. However, not all hairstyles can suit everyone. If you really want to look charming and stylish, you should choose understand the best hairstyles for face shape. While choosing hairstyles, it is very important to study your face shape, as you cannot carry all of the cuts well. To achieve a flattering and trendy look, almost all of the women want to adopt different hairstyles, but unfortunately not all of them are perfect hairstyles for face shape they own. It is therefore important that a woman should choose those hairstyles which compliment well with their face shape.

Though, it is also important to go through the latest fashion trends of hairstyles. However, what’s more important is the selection of hairstyles for face shape you have. Whatever be your face shape is, you will definitely have a vast number of choices from variety of trendy hairstyles of the year 2013. To help you out in selecting the right hairstyles for face shape you have, following are some of the helpful guidelines for you:

1. Round face shape

One of the most common and popular is the round face shape. However, this particular face shape has certain boundaries when it comes to choosing hairstyles for face shape. If you have round face, you definitely don’t want to make it look bigger and rounder. If you want to avoid highlighting your problems, you should choose one of those hairstyles that will make your face look leaner and longer. One of the best hairstyles for face shape is to wear long hairs. Always avoid choosing short hairstyles or hair cuts that ends with rounding at your chin, as both of the styles will add weight to your round face shape. To make your face leaner, you can also adopt hairstyles with layering at the top in order to achieve fullness and height.

2. Oval Face Shape

Oval face shapes are one of the most ideal among all, as almost all hairstyles suits on these women. This is an undeniable fact that oval faces look good in everything, but they should choose those hairstyles that don’t add height or length to their face. While doing up your hair, avoid adding height on the top of the head and also avoid a plain blunt cut. In both the cases, your face will look like a pyramid.

3. Heart face shape

The heart face shapes are those that come with pointed chins. You can identify your face shape as heart if you have average width forehead along with wide cheekbones and narrow chin. You should choose hairstyles for face shape that draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. If  you have heart face shape and you are a big fan of short hairs, you should keep top layers long to balance up your look.

4. Square face shape

The next face shape is square face. If you have this sort of face shape, make one thing clear in mind that you have to play down your strong, angular jaw by choosing the hairstyles for face shape. If you want to play with the hair texture, different form of curls or choppy ends of hair can help you in pulling out focus from your angular jaw. When it comes to choosing the hairstyles for face shape, short hair cuts are simply the best as they really highlight your positive facial features brilliantly. You can also have a charming and trendy look by having sleek hairstyles with layers so that you hair will look voluminous and healthy.

5. Diamond face shape

Another popular face shape is the diamond, but very few women have such kind of face shape. Your face shape can be considered as diamond if you have narrow forehead and the narrow chin. Though, its bit tricky to choose hairstyles for face shape, but the simple rule for this particular shape is avoid choosing hairstyles that add height to your face. The most preferable and most suitable hairstyle for diamond face shape is short curly layered hairstyle that compliments well with your face.

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