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Pros N Cons of Fashion Style

Pros N Cons of Fashion Style

Fashion StyleSome people are known for their outrageous style while others become trend setters and are remembered for their unique style. Frankly speaking there are a number of interpretations that the word “Style” itself has, from the most general one that is fashion sense to the most complicated, referring to different modes of expression whether it is related to speaking, thinking, writing, painting, designing or philosophy etc. In simple words it’s about presenting your personality or showing a mirror image of yourself to the outer world. There are many people in this world who would do just about anything to make themselves stylish or develop their unique style but the cliche here is that style is not just having good fashion sense there is much more to it .

First of all style is something that comes naturally to certain people and they stand out from the crowd while others develop their style from experience, knowledge and grooming. So Style like any other thing in this world has its Pros and Cons.

  • The confidence level developed in an individual with his personal unique style and fashionable dressing.
  • People dressed stylishly and trendily grasp more positive attention of people around them.
  • Dressing up according to your age and personality puts up a good impression on other people as well as increases your respect in their opinion.

Along with the advantages i.e. the pros, there also a few drawbacks or cons of fashion style given below:

  • A sense of jealousy is built among women regarding their outfits; this usually leads to bullying each other.
  • Homeless people are given less attention due to their sense of dressing up which keeps them away from a lot of opportunities.
  • A lot of money is wasted on achieving fashionable outfits, instead it can be used in a much useful way that helps the society

These were a few pros and cons of fashion style that can bring awareness among people about what fashion really is?

Your positivity, your satisfaction, your composure and your outward appearance will make you a complete person and expose your true style to the world.

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