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8 Nail Art in a Bottle Polishes That Will Amaze You

Bottle Polishes

When it comes to nail art, most of the world is fascinated. But we have to admit: We’re mostly fascinated in an “I-like-it-on-Instagram-but-who-really-has-time-for-that” kind of way That being said, it is really fun to have an exciting manicure—it starts a conversation.Women Nail ArtIt (hopefully) looks really pretty, and it can add some edge to a casual, weekday ensembleSo we challenged some of the most prestigious manicurists in the game to accomplish the nail art look…without committing to a three-hour appointment. They named one lacquer each that will deliver a nail art effect with the swipe of a brush.

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Karen Gutierrez Nail PolishSometimes, keeping it simple is best. Essie’s Matte About You top coat ($10) will easily give you a ‘nail-art-in-a-bottle’ effect,” Gutierrez says. “You can transform any nail polish color, and create a new look in less than a minute.” Play with texture, like she did here, by mixing it with glitter or metallic Nail polishes “Or, you can use a dotting tool dipped in a high-gloss top coat to play with shine,” she suggests.

Deborah LippmannDeborah Lippmann Nail Polish“I love holographic glitters—they’re like jewelry for your nails!” exclaims Lippmann, who favors the shade “Stronger” ($20) from her own collection “Rather than painting as you would a regular polish, dab it on the nails. This allows you to decide exactly where you want the polish to land. Painting the nail takes a lot of the color and glitter off the nail bed, but you can create your own holographic effect by layering the glitters over each other.”

Jenna HippJenna Hipp, Dior Nail polishWhen Miley and Lea Michele’s manicurist Jenna Hipp submitted Dior Gel Coat ($25), we were skeptical about its alleged effects. “It has a professional, high gloss shine, and a long-lasting finish,” she insists. In fact, she prefers it to the oft-used cult classic Seche Vite: “I just can’t get past the super strong smell and the laundry list of toxic ingredients,” she says. After we tried one coat of her pick on our fingers, we’re also total converts.

Spifster aka Tacarra Sutton for Vanity Projects

Nail Polish“Floss Gloss ‘Stun’ ($8) is a client favorite. Even in the bottle!” Sutton insists. “It picks up every reflecting color and has a real glow to it. The polish alone gives you the ‘I’m-ready-for-the-streets’ look.” You can apply it on its own, of course, but Sutton wants you to do one better: “Trail it from the moon of the nail onto a sheer color to give the nail a faded look,” she says. “Or, opt for a fly girl look—thick, black lines look amazing on top of it!”

Jin Soon ChoiJin Soon Glitter Nail PolishIf Deborah Lippmann is the Godmother of Glitter, Jin Soon may as well be the Queen of Anti-Glitter. “My new polishes have a non-glitter effect,” she explains. “They look understated, yet interesting on top of any color polish.” Polka White ($18), shown here, has varied shapes of matte glitter, which means every swipe of the brush delivers a unique effect. “Create an ombré effect with it by dabbing the brush heavily on the bottom, or apply it on the whole nail bed like normal polish,” she says. “Or, play with a straight or diagonal pattern!”

Madeline PooleMadeline Poole Nail PolishPoole has perfected the art of approachable nail art. “Using gold leaf is like doing nail art without actually having to do much of anything,” she says For the look here, she layered gold leaf over a metallic blue polish for an iridescent, mermaid-like effect. An even easier approach? Rococo Nail Apparel makes 24k gold leaf in a high-gloss topcoat.

Stephanie StoneStephanie Stone Polish“NCLA ‘Lightyears Ahead’ ($18) actually transforms any regular nail polish into a holographic color,” claims Demi Lovato’s go-to nail artist (and Teen Vogue alum!) Steph Stone. This holographic nail collection has three more nail color transforming shades.

Jessica WashickJessica Washick Polish“Nail art in a bottle? No doubt, I’d choose Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter and Be Gay ($20) holographic polish,” Washick says. “It’s a holographic glitter with unique highs and lows, from platinum gold to a beautiful lavender.” Washick recommends a base of simple gold, and then two coats of the glitter on top. “The non-glitter polish will set a background which makes it pop more.” Or, you can do as she did here, with a “Diva status” nail art look using Swarovski crystals. Impressive!.

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