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10 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs

Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs

Nail art has been the hottest fashion around these days. All girls want to make their hands looks noticeably beautiful by amazing nail art techniques. Though, some of the Nail Art designs are quite complicated to try out at home, but you can surely make your hands look wonderful by trying out our 10 amazing DIY nail art designs.Nail Art 1. Lazy Ombre Nail Art

Paint your nail with the lightest nail color you have and let it dry completely. Get a contrast color and lightly brush it to smear the Nail Color a bit. Pick up a third contrast color and make sure that the brush has barely any polish on it. Use a top coat to give a finished look and for a more blended appearance.

2. Cartoon Nail Art

Take start with a dry black basecoat and let it dry completely. Choose a color of your choice and swipe it across the nail leaving half an inch of the black showing. Paint a thin strips of black creating a ring around the nail. After letting it dry, add a white dot and white elongated mark to create a light effect.

3. Zebra Nail Art

Use any color of your choice as a base and let it dry. Pain abstract lines as a starting point and carefully, fill in the empty space on the nails by swiping random lines using a thin striping brush. Give a finished look by applying top coat.

4. Splatter Nails

Start with a nail color of your choice as a base. Put blobs of the nail colors you wish to splatter on a paper and dip straw in it one by one. Hold the straw above the nail and blow slowly to splatter the nail color. Repeat the procedure with other colors. Once you are done, clean up the design with acetone and a fine brush for cuticles.

5. Glitter Nail Art

Apply some good layers of sheer nail polish as a base and let it dry. Paint a layer of chunky glitter over it. Repeat applying the layers of sheer nail color and glitter until you are happy with the result.

6. Floral Nail Art

Apply a light base color and let it dry. Use a contrast nail color to paint round blobs on the nail and let it dry too. Use a dotting tool and paint small black U shape in the center of each blob. Paint white semi circles around the outside. Apply top coat when dry.

7. Mod Floral Nail Art

Start with a light base color and let it dry. Pick a darker contrast color and make 5 dots in a circle like a flower. When dry, pick a lighter nail color and make 5 light dots just inside the flower. Finish with the white dots in the center of each flower.

8. Half Moon Nail Art

Half moon nails are vintage and retro look that is simple and easy to do. Start with a base color of your choice, preferably black. Let the base color dry and apply a French manicure sticker or page reinforce sticker on your nail just like a moon. Quickly paint over the sticker with a second lighter color and remove the sticker immediately. To give a finished look, apply top coat when dry.

9. Taping Nail Art

This is simple and fun technique to make your nails beautiful. Start with a base color of your choice and let it dry. Cut the pieces of tape and apply firmly to the nails to cover the areas you want to remain the base color. Pick up an opaque nail color and quickly paint over the entire nail and peel off  the tapes quickly. Finish with top coat when dry.

10. Beaded Nail Art

Apply a base color of your choice and let it dry. Apply the second coat on all the nails and pour small beads over the nails while the polish is still wet. Gently press on the beads so they got properly stuck into polish. Finish with top coat if required.

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