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7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You’re Probably Making

7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

Although nobody is sorry to see the Winter go, there are a whole slew of Summer beauty dilemmas to worry about now that it’s June. Trying to look like a bronze goddess at a poolside patio can become quite difficult if it is hot and muggy and your upper lip and brows are dripping with sweat. We envision ourselves looking like JLo at a beach party, but this look is hard to pull off if your eyeliner is smudged all over your cheeks, and hugging an old ex-boyfriend in a hot bar can end in disaster if your foundation smudges onto his shoulder. You can make smart beauty choices and changes to accommodate for the season so your Summer social life won’t end in disaster. Avoid making these seven Summer beauty mistakes . . . or you’ll miss out on that gorgeous glow that you can only get when the temperatures rise.

Skipping Moisturizer

7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

When the weather starts to get hot and sticky, we often don’t feel like adding moisture to our skin. This is a mistake. Heat and sun can zap essential hydration and oils from your skin, so you have to be sure to add oils and water back into your dehydrated skin during the Summer months. Also, if your skin is used to that supple moisturizer each day and suddenly doesn’t have it, it’ll go into dehydration mode. Your skin will start to overproduce oil to make up for it, and then your already oily skin will get worse. If your regular moisturizer is feeling too heavy for the hotter months, switch to a lighter, more Summer-friendly formula, such as an oil-free gel. My summertime favorite is Clinique Moisture Surge. This lightweight, oil-free gel is made up mostly of aloe and water, and it provides hydration without feeling sticky or greasy.

Sticking to Your Old Shade

It can be frustrating to purchase makeup and find that after a couple of days in the sun your foundation and concealer are the wrong shade. But it’s a big mistake to continue wearing your Winter shade when you’ve got a tan. Even if you use sunscreen, there’s no way around this if you’re living in a place that has a significant change of seasons. In the heart of the Summer, you could be two full shades darker than the shade you were wearing in February. The good news is that most makeup won’t go bad if placed aside in a cool, dark storage area, so you can pull your lighter shades back out of the drawer when your Summer tan starts fading. An easy way to make the shift is by switching to a CC or BB cream for the Summer months. These formulas offer a high level of SPF and often come in four to six shade choices, making it easy to choose the right shade for you. A favorite of mine is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream in shades “medium-tan” and “tan.”

Not Using Oil-Free Products

7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

Most people with normal or dry skin during the Winter will notice that their skin becomes shiny and oily during the Summer. Also, depending on their lifestyle, they might find that their pores can become clogged and their skin more prone to breakouts. It doesn’t hurt to switch to oil-free foundations during the hot Summer months in order to ensure wearability and decrease shine. I love Lorac’s Porefection Foundation. This oil-free, matte-finish foundation promises to minimize the look of pores and is great for all skin types. This product will create a pore-less, smooth finish to the skin with great wearability and SPF 20.

Going Overboard on the Powder

7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

In an effort to control shine, women often touch up their makeup with pressed powder throughout the day. This powder mixed with the excess oils and sweat on the surface of the skin can result in a cakey mess. Choose a light translucent powder to mattify the skin instead of mineral or foundation powders that will add coverage. I am obsessed with Laura Mercier Matte Shine Control Pressed Powder. This mattifying powder will not add coverage; it will just magically erase any sign of shine or oil on your skin. It will blur imperfections and the look of pores. I have one in my gym bag, in my car, and in all my bags. The sponge that comes with the product works nicely, but I often use my fingers in a pinch to press the powder lightly all over the face.

Overdoing It With Self-Tanner

Everyone wants that Summery glow when they’re wearing sleeveless dresses and shorts, but nothing says “I spend all my days in an office cubicle” more than orange streaks you can get from going overboard on the faux glow. Be careful to use a good-quality tanning product that provides soft, subtle warmth to the skin. Once you find the brand that works best for you, use it sparingly. You can use the St. Tropez Classic Self-Tanning Mousse once and get amazing results that can last for up to 10 days. If you feel like you need a little more, you can safely apply it on the second day and the third day, and then you need to pump the brakes. Don’t make the mistake of becoming “self-tan-orexic” or you will look like a pumpkin.

Not Switching to Waterproof Products

7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

Like your face makeup, some cosmetics that work during the Winter months won’t be quite as great in warmer climates. You might find that your eyeliner and mascara start smudging and shadows melt off when the temperature heats up. (The worst is perfectly filled-in brows that disappear during that hot patio party.) If this is happening to you, it means that you need to switch over to waterproof makeup for the Summer. It hurts to toss that half-used mascara in the garbage, but continuing to wear makeup that will run down your face is a huge mistake. Make the switch. The most important products to be sure are sweat-proof to maintain Summer bombshell status are brows, eyeliner, and mascara. You never know when that hottie might push you into the pool, and you need to emerge with your eye makeup intact.

Using the Same Blush and Bronzer

7 Summer Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

The most exciting time in the cosmetics department is when all the gorgeous Summer bronzer and blush products hit the market. Summer is the time to embrace color! Skin gets a touch of sun-kissed warmth, and nothing looks prettier than a warm bronze tone on the cheeks with a pop of bright color. If you’re using a pink blush and a bronzer that’s perfect for more pale skin during the Winter months, you might find they do nothing to enhance your Summer beauty. Now is the time to try that deep bronzer and that bright blush color — these tones will pop on Summer skin.

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