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Travel Tips for World Cup 2014 Brazil

The craze of FIFA World Cup 2014 is at its peak and this time Brazil is all set to blaze on with the fun and excitement. People all over the world anticipated the world cup and wanted to travel to Brazil to catch up on the live fun and thrill of the football matches. When it comes to FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, it’s not just a game. Not only are grounds and stadiums are set at a peak of excitement, but the hotel’s bookings, logistics and tickets will go on the boom. The World Cup games are taking place in 12 cities spread across the continent-size nation of Brazil.

Know About Brazil

If you are planning your trip to Brazil this summer, you must know the basics about it.  There are in total 12 host cities, dispersed all around the large country. Geographical settings and climates vary considerably in each location. Manaus is deep in the Amazon rainforest, while Cuiaba is in the Mato Grosso. An approximate distance between Manaus and Porto Alegre is more than 1900 miles. Other eight host cities are on the coast. The natures of these cities are quite different from each other. However, if you the huge metro areas, you will enjoy your stay in Rio and Sao Paulo. All coastal areas have interesting beaches, which are just perfect to enjoy in the month of July.

Plan Your Travel

If you are not a big fan of long travelling duration, you must look forward to booking direct flights. There are many non-stop flights available to Rio or Sao Paulo from different cities. Booking a ticket for a direct flight may save you money and also save you from frustrating long delays and waiting at the airport. Brazil essentially has no long-distance trains. So, you can take a bus if you don’t want to waste your money on internal connection flights separately.

Hotels Booking During World Cup

One of the biggest concerns while travelling to Brazil will be where to stay. In spite of the fact that 147 new hotels have been erected especially for the World Cup 2014, finding a room will still be difficult. You need to make bookings according to your travel plan. Write down the dates of your travel along with the names of the cities to make your bookings accordingly. If you will make early bookings in the hotels, you will be able to avoid last-minute stress. All the 12 World Cup host cities have a large number of hotels’ options, but it is all about deciding the right thing at right time. In addition to rooms in hotels, there are pousadas, often family-run establishments. It is also good if you look for some room rentals. They may be less luxurious, but will save your money during your Travel Trip Over the past years, Brazil is catching the attention of foreigners and a large number of websites are taking advantage of the World Cup fever by offering accommodations. However, it’s important that you should read some reviews and comments regarding their services before finalizing your bookings.

Figure Out Outside Activities

Though mega-events have their own craze and magnetic charisma, still visitors want to spend time enjoying the city activities too. If you are planning to visit Brazil, don’t just limit yourself to the football action. Instead, figure out the outside activities in the cities you are planning to visit to make your trip memorable and exciting. You will not be watching World Cup games all the time, which means you have lots of time for sightseeing in many interesting areas of Brazil. Some of the interesting areas to visit are the Amazon rainforest or the Mato Grosso. You must enjoy the exciting big city nightlife in Rio and Sau Paulo. Another amazing outside activity will be sunbathing on the beaches in the more northerly coastal areas.

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