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Smart Travelling Tips

Smart Traveling Tips

Smart Traveling TipsAccording to the U.S. State Department the sharpest increase is among women travelers. Whether they are on a business trip or a vacation, women travelers encounter problems in certain cultures. But point where people fail is on usage of relevant traveling tip.

If husbands are sitting at home watching football, it will obviously be the female who will be seen travelling. Thus an effective traveling tip is to escape traveling theft and ensure maximum security since women travelers are perceived as easier target than men in case of theft. One could always have a friend or colleague travelling along.

Staying alert at all times is another essential while travelling. For instance, bus stations or street celebration are places where women travelers are likely to be jostled. Always remember to let the bag go   i.e. experts travel tip is not to resist. BE AWARE. Keep your wits about your surrounding at all times. Be present and using sixth sense is an important traveling tip particularly at night time. Now days, many incidents have shown that defiance can even be life threatening for women travelers.

A travel tip is to walk assertively and confidently. Women travelers should ask for directions and not be afraid to talk to strangers, or make new friends. A traveling tip for women travelers would be a prepaid but preferably an old cell phone along to be in a position to contact someone for help if required. This extremely vital travel tip just can’t be ignored. Women travelers should stick to ‘Smaller is Smarter’ because they may be accompanied by kids and pets. This travelling tip will allow you for better management and ease in the journey.

An intrinsic part of women travelers is giving attention and adapting to cultural milieu, which is awareness of gender roles and expectations. An intelligent travel tip would be to register your presence with your home country. Studying a map is a helpful travel tip or uses a pocket size guide book to avoid looking like a tourist. It would be smart of women travelers who won’t go for heavy jewelry.

One of the traveling tips we can’t afford to overlook is the need to prepare for horrendously long flights or tedious road trip. Women travelers can carry a book, walkman and eye covers. A further travel tip is taking an ATM card for emergency usage. And observably, women travelers should not forget to pack blow dryers, silk e Pell and straighteners without which their survival is incomplete; p

If you women travelers have hands trembling trying out new dishes, your traveling tip that would help will be getting the knowledge about the place you are going to visit and their foods and spices.

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