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8 Must Do’s to Buy a Car Online

The most hated profession in US is selling used cars as reported by the New York Times. The perception is such because mostly these sellers pass off rust barrows as luxury cars on unsuspecting customers who find out the hidden flaws of their purchase when it is already too late to get a refund.

In any case technology has come to consumers rescue in the shape of internet and online auto offering gateways by eliminating the abundantly hated used car salesman. As per the prestigious Washington Post, for the first time in the US history, the number of cars sold online has exceeded those sold in person. It is therefore very important to master the art of buying a car online in order to maximize the advantages offered to the sellers by the online car sales portals.

Establish your Budgets and needs

Elementary yet primordial, you need to come up with your financial plan before searching for an auto and discover the answers for questions like what is my budget? What sort of usage I’m looking for? Is it a daily traveler or a leisure one and so forth?

Find out the market price

It is imperative to have an idea of the market price of the needed vehicle through different sources such as magazines, online portals, garages etc. A value range for the wanted vehicle as a capacity of mileage and condition must be made.

Find out the seller’s history

Knowing about the seller’s professional history is also of immense importance to the online buyer. One should verify that there is no outstanding debt, lease or any sort of financial agreement attached to the car before purchasing it.

Find out the vehicle’s history

Certainty checking the authenticity of the vehicle documents is the first thing to do. It should include all the genuine information of the auto, insurance history, repair maintenance receipts and clear chain of possession if it’s a used car.

Pakistani government provides several services in this regard. Any citizen of Pakistan can get information about any Islamabad-Registered-Vehicle through sms service. You may send Chassis No. of the vehicle to 8521 from anywhere in Pakistan and get details on your mobile phone. You can also check records of Punjab-Registered-Vehicles online by visiting Punjab Excise and Taxation website.

Always take a test drive

It is important to take a test drive during the first face to face meeting in order to inspect the performance of the vehicle, once the contact has been established with online seller. The performance can be best tested on highways, city roads and small roads. Any cranky sounds during the test is a warning that the vehicle should not be bought.

Always get the vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic

If you get the car inspected by a certified mechanic, firstly, it would help you in negotiating the right price for the car. Secondly, you would know what repair work you would be looking at when you become the owner.

Always get a written sales contract

It is highly recommended, that there should be a written contract between the buyer and seller in order to avoid any confusion and this would benefit the seller in case of litigation in the future. The contract template is available on the internet. All the points in the ads should be offered by the seller in the contract.
You can find carmudi car sale sample contract here.

Beware of the fraud

You should beware of the online tricksters. They become dealers who are trying to sell the cars that they do not possess. You can identify the tricksters as they usually avoid meeting in person and also sell it at low prices and also deliver the car at your doorstep. Remember that online buying comes with its own perils, the con artists.


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