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The Beauty Of Linear Fireplaces In Modern Homes

The Beauty Of Linear Fireplaces In Modern Homes

When it comes to fireplaces, there are definitely many styles to choose from. The ones that are getting quite popular choice for the modern homes are the linear fireplaces. So, today we want to show you the beauty of having such fireplaces in modern homes and thus get you inspired to invest in some such fireplace too.Modern Homes

Linear fireplaces have a design that adds sophistication and elegance to the interior. They can be found in so many different styles and all of them can become an instant focal point in the room. Their slim and sleek look can be built in an accent wall, arranged as a double-sided fireplace etc. Linear fireplaces can not only fit in living rooms, but in dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. The following collection features such fireplaces in different living rooms. Let’s check them out!

modern house design

Linear fireplaces can be either gas or electric ones. Both of them can be found in variety of designs, so that they can fit in different rooms. The gas fireplaces offer real flames without having to stack wood logs or pallets, which means you don’t need to worry about cleaning ashes. They are low cost, offer the heat of real fire and are quite safe. The electric fireplaces are also one of the safest fireplaces. They don’t emit any harmful gasses and fumes and have a long life span. This makes them perfect for families with small children and pets.

modern home design

Whether gas or electric ones, these fireplace come in variety of designs which gives to chance to find the right one for your home. The wall where these fireplaces are placed is often considered as an accent wall. So, the furniture is often arranged in a way that makes the fireplace stand out and you all get the chance to enjoy in its beauty.

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