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5 Must-See Ways to Clean With Shaving Cream

must see ways to clean with shaving cream

We all know that when it comes to cleaning, besides using some cleaning supplies, we can also use some items that we already have at home. For instance, such items can be baking soda, vinegar, lemons, toothpaste etc. We have already shown you how you can use all of these items for cleaning versatile parts of your home and today we want to add one more item to this cleaning supplies list.

1: Clean Red Wine Stains From Clothes

clean red wine stains from clothes

You can also use shaving cream to remove red wine stains from clothes. Rub the cream onto the stain, leave it for a couple of minute and wash it in the washing machine.

2: Remove Paint From Hands

remove paint from hands

Removing paint from hands cannot be done that easily with soap and water. So, try scrubbing your hands with shaving cream instead of soap and rinse with water.

3: Clean Jewelry

clean jewelry with shaving cream

Shaving cream can be also used to make your jewelry shine back again. You can do this by rubbing the cream onto the jewelry with a soft toothbrush.

4: Clean Suede Shoes

clean suede shoes with shaving cream

Removing stains from suede shoes can be as easy as from leather shoes. Simply rub some shaving cream on the material, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then remove it with a damp washcloth and let dry. Brush the nap back after if needed.

5: Prevent Mirrors From Fogging Up

prevent mirors from fogging up

In order to prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up apply a layer of shaving cream and then wipe it off. This could be also used for glass shower doors, windows, or car windshields.

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