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Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy

Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy

tips for stay healthyStaying healthy is one of the best medicines and the ideal habit to stay away from falling ill. This will not only be beneficial in the later years of life but also will make your present  active and joyful. Thus cutting  the debate in short how to stay healthy should be a question.


Routine is the basic to start up as to how to stay healthy. Make Time to Get on your feet each day the sun rises. One biggest example is Michelle Obama- she works out in the morning daily. This will not only help your metabolism to fasten but makes you feel good and active throughout the day. You need to get motivated to stay healthy so watch your favorite TV program or watch anything that interests you, secondly find a friend to accompany you who also possesses same curiosity to stay healthy.

Get a Personal coach:

Stay healthy with help of a personal trainer—even if it’s just twice a week. External motivator can do wonders for your fitness and health. Boast by a personal trainer will help keep you on track physically, but mentally too. This way you can enjoy your workouts and exercises with no stress.


Winter is moving out quickly and spring summer season has now began to dominate. Weather plays an important part in case of what kind of exercise you are willing to adopt. Maintaining a balance with your life, workouts, and social events is hard enough. Don’t forget to add water with workouts as both the W’s are important. Dehydration leads to headaches, muscle fatigue, and dizziness and thus deters staying healthy. You must focus on plenty of water on a daily basis that is a minimum requirement is 8 glasses in a day. This is the healthiest way to wash toxin and poison present in your body. If you are lactating, then increase water intake. Water is also known to be a natural antioxidant and it is capable of keeping sinuses away from you.

Staying fit and healthy is very crucial as this has become a boring lecture that most of us have been listening since childhood. But is staying healthy possible? Are there any easy tips to follow for staying healthy? Yes! Here are some tips how to stay healthy:

Balance diet:

The first step towards staying healthy is to have a balanced diet. Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to know what your ideal body weight and accordingly include all necessary nutrients in your diet. Since you are a woman, you must stress on adequate calcium, iron intake and vitamin E. This is how you will be able to stay away from serious diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. This is one good way to stay healthy and keep your skin glowing as well. Fiber in your diet will help to keep your metabolism healthy and it’s important to flush out toxins from the body. Make sure your monthly grocery list contains these foods items.


having regular consultation session with your doctor to know about the best food types that suit your body and age. You must follow regular eating routines and the quantity which you should include in a day.  Also make sure that you have adequate meals on time as timings play an essential role in staying healthy. Strictly avoid having foods with high calories like sugar, oil or any junk food items.


Abstain yourself from smoking. This is extremely necessary for you if you want to stay healthy. This will keep your skin healthy and in particular avoid you from cardiovascular diseases.


Avoid stress and relax yourself by staying happy plus take out time for your family and pamper yourself.


Always use sunscreen to keep your skin protected from harmful rays of the sun.

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