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5 Little Health Tips every woman should know

5 Little Health Tips every woman should know

Follow these health tips to feel good, stay slim and minimize the risk of illness.

It can be hard to strike up a balance between sensible health care tips and then being over obsessive with health tips. Instead follow five simple health tips for your overall well being.

1: Calcium Intake
Your twenties and thirties are the time when you must protect yourself. So a good health tip is to have three to four servings of low fat dairy, leafy green veggies or calcium rich nuts, like almonds. These are also great skin health tips to improve the skin’s glow.

2: Floss
A good health tip if you want to keep your teeth, is to floss everyday!! Use this health tip because it takes just a few mintues and can prevent gum disease which leads to diabetes.

3: Count to five:
Good tips for health include, yes you guessed it, your 5-a-day fruit and vegetable intake, which is the minimum you should be consuming. Our health tip is to aim for seven a day and four of those should be veggies.

4: Take a probiotic
A good health tip is to take a daily capsule, which can improve digestion, boost immunity, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk or bladder related cancers. So there are many good reasons to follow this health tip !

5: Clean your phone
Yes it’s a surprising health tip. Still getting spots? Your mobile phone heats up with use and breeds bacteria!. Anti bacterial wipes to the rescue!

These health tips can start you on your way to becoming more proactive in your overall health care routine. Start introducing each health tip if you don’t already do them everyday.

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