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Health tips for your skin, body and mind

Health tips for your skin, body and mind

Treat your body like a temple and follow some’easy to do’health tips and advice.

Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, we all must take out the time to look after ourselves. Use our health tips from this simple, stick- on- your- fridge guide.

Health Tip 1
The greatest health tip is to floss for a stronger heart and clean teeth! Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream and eventually make its way to your ticker, causing inflammation.

Health Tip 2
Save your back with this health care tip and switch arms regularly when carrying your oversized bag. Using one side more than the other can pull your back muscles out of line.

Health Tip 3
Our health care tip for avid tea drinkers is to dip your teabag up and down a few times before drinking because it releases more of the teas disease fighting antioxidants.

Health Tip 4
Lemon-aid those brain cells and stay sharp by using lemon balm. This health tip of ours will help to boost your memory.

Health Tip 5
Stress makes us clench our jaws which triggers headaches. Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Use this health care tip to release tension.

Health Tip 6
Eating enough Omega-3 fatty acids? Porbably not, so take our skin health tip advice and eat three portions of oily fish ( salmon, tuna or sardines) per week.

Health Tip 7
One of the greatest health tips is to add a daily dose of soy protein or flaxseeds a day to ward of cancer.

Health Tip 8
Getting a cold or flu a lot? Our health tip is to check your office desk is super clean everyday. Studies show your desk could contain 400 times more bacteria than an average public toilet seat! Ew !!


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