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Eye Care Tips To Avoid Pollen Allergy

Eye Care Tips To Avoid Pollen Allergy

Pollen Allergies

Allergy cause when immune system over react the external substances.  Basically eye allergies are of two type’s i.e. seasonal allergy and perennial. Seasonal allergy occurs in specific pollen days, while the perennial continues throughout the year. Pollen allergy affects badly on eyes. To avoid the symptoms of eye allergy the experts have recommended certain preventions against the eye allergy.

Eye allergy doesn’t attack as whole; it is one of the symptoms of pollen or seasonal allergy. And if it is perennial it is also happens due to smoke, perfumes, pet dander, pollution etc. To prevent both types of eye allergy you need to care whole, some of the useful health tips can cure easily from eye allergies too. Allergy cause due to Along with other allergy symptoms, like sneezing, headache, fever, running nose, in eye allergy you suffer from:

  • Itching eyes
  • Continuous Watering or tearing
  • Eyes Burning
  • Redness in eyes
  • Swelling around the eyes

Care is better than meditation. But care should be taken on regular basis. These health tips are recommended by the experts to prevent eyes allergy.

  • The experts recommend increasing the intake of essential fatty acids within diet, which include fish oils. Intake of vitamin C is also considered essential to stop the running nose and eyes.
  • Also very important in eyes allergy prevention is the dire monitoring of pollen and mold in the atmosphere.
  • It is therefore suggested that windows and doors be closed and outdoor visits be curtailed when the pollen and mold count is high.
  • Dust collectors like carpets and heavy curtains must be avoided in the spring season for the sake of eye allergy prevention.
  • People who do not possess much immunity against the seasonal allergies must wear face masks thus preventing the inhaling of the irritating elements causing pollen allergies.
  • Similarly like masks Wear wraparound sunglasses when you go out.
  • Applying calamine lotion can significantly help mixed with oatmeal in a tub of warm water while bathing thus ensuring pollen allergies prevention and ensuring quality health and fitness during the seasonal allergy prone seasons.
  • Wash your eyes immediately when you feel itching.
  • Keep a doctor’s recommended eye drops with you.

These health tips are really effective to cure you from both types of eye allergy. However if you are facing any serious condition immediate consult the eye specialist.

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