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Dangerous Acts for Health after Eating Meal

Dangerous Acts for Health

Dangerous Acts for HealthHumans have got very complex system which ensures smooth running of all the organs. All the organs inside humans are responsible for various sophisticated functions and failure of any of these organs can be fatal. Most of us are not very educated to our body system that’s why we often do things which look very minor but could have a major impact on our body. Here is a list of acts after eating a meal which can prove very dangerous if not addressed properly

1) No Fruits Immediately After Meal

No one can ignore the importance and usefulness of fruits. They are source of various compounds which are necessary for health. There are many people who have a healthy habit of consuming fruits on daily basis. But most of us don’t know that if fruits are eaten immediate after taking our meals then it can cause our stomach to be bloated with air.

We all know how painful and nasty feeling we get when stomach is bloated with air. If this habit of eating fruit after meals is continued for longer span of time then it can cause a serious health implications. It may surprise you because most of us only knew that fruits are good for us but not in this case. In case you are a big fond of eating fruits then make sure you eat fruit 1-2 hours earlier than taking your meal or after the meal.

2) No Tea After Meals

We love our tea. Tea has many benefits for us and it is very healthy habit of drinking appropriate amount of tea every day. Many people even believe that tea makes them active and help in reviving the lost concentration. All of us must have seen that many people like to drink tea as soon as they finish their meal. This is one very dangerous act and have a potential to damage your health big times.

Research shows that tea has high content of acid therefore, when consumed right after your meals it can increase the protein content in the food we consume to hundred which becomes difficult for our digestive system to digest. So if you have this habit of taking tea after meal then make sure you give some time for your food to get digested and later you can have a tea.

3) Never Loosen Your Belt

Yes, you were starving therefore have eaten more than you normally eat. Now you feel like as your tummy is going to explode and that belt which you wearing giving you extra problem. To get some relief in such situation you loosen your belt but did you know that this act could cause your intestine to be twisted and blocked? Never ever, no matter how much you have eaten, loosen your belt after taking a meal. It’s one dangerous act which could possibly put your life at risk.

4) No Bath After Meals

Yes, you read it right. No bathe after meal. If you take bathe after meal then it will cause your circular system to give priority to hands and legs. Blood will flow to your hands and legs and amount of blood around stomach will decrease considerably which in result will damage your digestive system.

5) No Walking After Meals

No one can ignore the importance of walking but walking after a meal can work against your health. We all have heard it several times from different people that walk at least 100 steps after taking your meal and you will end up living for 100 years. But what medical research shows is totally opposite to this myth. If someone walks after talking meal then digestive system becomes unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake.

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