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How to Make Nail Polish Dry Fast

How to Remove Nail Polish

Awaiting nail-polish to dry out completely is among the many irritating issues you have. Nevertheless, fortunately there are several effective and simple methods to create faster dries down. Browse the complete posts if you like to understand what’re these method; you will be told by us ways to utilize the procedure of fingernail colour drying to increase.

Boost Nail Polish Drying Process with Icy WaterBoost Nail Polish Drying Process

Ice-cold water can be a great remedy for drying the nail color instantly. The reason behind is, the nail color gets harder when come in contact with freezing water and thus dries off faster. Soak your freshly polished nails in the chilly water and let them sit for a couple of minutes before removing. Besides making the polish dry off faster, it will make the surface even smoother.

Hairdryer to Make Nail Color Dry Up FasterHairdryer to Make Nail Color Dry

Using hairdryer is another way to boost the drying process of your nail polish. Just like ice, it should be applied cool or it will work opposite making you nail polish to spread here and there on your nails and hands.

Cooking Oil to Dry Off the Nail Color FasterCooking Oil to Dry Nail Color

Tough, you can easily find a nail-drying spray from any nearest drugstore that really helps you with your task, but wait!!!! Any cooking oil aerosols can serve the same purpose as the nail-drying sprays. Simply squirt it on your freshly-tinted nails and leave it as it is for a few minutes. Then after wash your hands, preferably with chilly water.Remove Nail Color

While applying nail polish, it is advised to apply coats as thin as it possible. Put on first coat and wait until it dries up fully and then put on the second coat. If you are willing to applying the third coat as well, let the second coat dry up first.

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