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How to Maintain Beauty During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the trickiest parts of a female’s life. Women need to be extra careful and safe when it comes to their pregnancy period as at that point in time, you are responsible for two lives. However, not following a proper beauty regime and completely letting go off yourself during pregnancy is very wrong. Pregnant women tend to get a natural glow but it is up to them to maintain the glow till the very end. There are various ways in which you can maintain a healthy and beautiful pregnancy time, without doing any harm to yourself or the baby. We have some tips for all the mothers to be out there.

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1) Sleep well: Sleep well Women during pregnancy

Having a good night’s sleep and resting in between the day is an excellent way of maintaining beauty during pregnancy. Rest as much as you can but be careful not to become too lazy or lethargic as that can create problems during your labor.

2) Go Veggie: Go Veggie women during pregnancy

It is very important to keep a check on your diet and make sure that you are going only for the food which is healthy for you and the baby. Go for greens as these vegetables make the skin glow and filter the internal system from within. Fruits are also an excellent part of the diet of pregnant women so make them a part of your meals. Instead of snacking, go for fruit munching. The fruits and vegetables will regulate the intake of vitamins in your body.

3) Avoid hot showers and Sauna: Avoid hot showers and Sauna during pregnancy

Yes, they might seem to be very relaxing but hot showers and saunas can be really dangerous for the development for your bay. Which in turn will be a bad sign for the mother. Hot showers tend to make the skin rash and dry which is the last thing you would want during pregnancy.

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4) Take care of hands and feet: care of hands and feet during pregnancy

Hands and feet require special attention during pregnancy days. Nail polishes, manicure and pedicures do not do any harm to you during pregnancy in fact, they are encouraged. Keep your hands and feet in good shape by visiting a salon once in a while for a manicure or pedicure as that will relieve you off stress and enhance the beauty. Go for milder versions of manicure and pedicure and do not opt for harsh chemicals to be applied on your skin at any cost.

5) Do NOT experiment: Do NOT experiment With Women during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the worst time to experiment with products or procedures so, stay as away as possible from new products. Keep those products in use which have been tried, tested and have never caused any kind of irritation or problem for you. Sometimes, during pregnancy tried and tested products betray you as you are at a sensitive stage of your life. The body is going through major changes so be careful while applying anything on your skin and hair. Also, avoid eating artificial things.

6) Hair care: hair problems during pregnancy

Different women experience different hair problems during pregnancy. Some face oily hair problems while others face dry hair or dandruff. Try not to wash your hair everyday as that can create excessive dryness and dandruff in your hair. But, make sure you wash your hair regularly and never leave them dirty as excessive oils can accumulate and cause can on your face and other parts of the body.

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7) Skin worries: Skin worries during pregnancy

The most common problems when it comes to maintaining beauty during pregnancy are the skin issues. Many pregnant women develop acne and pimples, some develop severe stretch marks while others get really tanned and the complexion becomes dull. The only thing that can make you get rid of all these problems is a healthy diet. Eat healthy and drink loads of water every day. Make exercise (especially designed for pregnant women) a part of your routine and live healthy.

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