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Tips To Be A Smart Bride

In our society getting married is an essential part of growing up and girls are always under a lot of pressure from their family and the society to get knocked up as soon as she hits 18. However, as days get closer the girls start getting muscle cramps due to anxiety attacks about their big day. Most girls are not so confident so the whole idea of being center of attention is a bit too over whelming for them. Then ten other things hit their regarding their dress, makeup, the event and etc.The overall result of all this stress comes on face, the sleeplessness leads to dark circles, the mental stress and fatigue due to daily shopping ventures result in the bride looking weak rather than fresh and lively Here are certain tips to a smart bride for all those who are suffering from this mental agony or have their weddings later.

1. Being Organized

Being organized saves the daily fatigue of arguing with tailors, or making constants trips to the market to get one thing or the other. What you can do is follow a checklist for your wedding. Daily writes down on a piece of paper things to do and at the end of the day cancel out all that you have gotten covered.]

2. Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Anxiety and nervousness is something most brides feel because so many mixed emotions are involved in getting married. Therefore one should consider attending relaxation or mindfulness meditation classes which aid in helping us to understand the present moment rather than listening  our inner self that tells us ten different things , which make us feel incredibly anxious and nervous

3. Spa Sessions

Spa sessions with friends are a lot helpful when you go there with your friends. They help you unwind from the stress .So make sure you get enough of those or daily take out at least thirty minutes where you relax yourself in a hot tub or indulge in a massage.

4. Preplanning

Preplanning reduces the stress a lot. You should book all your service providers early so that you have all things of your choice .Having  a great team of wedding professionals will give you a boost of confidence knowing they will look after you and do their job well without you having to ‘look after them

5. What You Want

Go for what you want rather than what your parents, friends, siblings or cousins think is right. When things are according to your wishes then they turn out fine and you are already content about them hence, this automatically gives you a pride in yourself.

6. Don’t Experiment

Don’t experiment with a new hairstyle or look on your wedding day. Go with what suits you and has always made you stand out. A bad make up or hairdo can do blunders and make you look and feel unconfident about your looks. So go with the usual you. Wedding day is not a day for experiment

7. Wedding Hall

Beware of the lightening of your wedding hall. A lot will depend upon that, from pictures turning out nice to the effect of your dress.

8. Don’t Be Perplexed

Trust your instincts. Don’t get double minded with what people have to tell you.

9. Good Company

Surround yourself in a group of positive people. This will automatically lift up your spirits.

10. Believe in yourself and be confident

These are some tips that will help you keep your cool during the most emotional event of your life.

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