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8 Things to Ask Before you Say Yes

For a decade, love and arrange marriages were ubiquitous issue; in fact, it’s a legitimacy of life that can never die. Our parents select our soul mate and they don’t like to take our scrutiny, but they should allow their broods for giving their accord.

But there are also some families those give full of liberty to theirs Childs for selecting their dream men or dream girls. Before to move ahead, and to say yes for any relation it is necessary to ask some questions before marriage, however, you may not face problems afterwards, some important marriage questions are:

1) Culture and Leisure

The first imperative and straightforward marriage question is what the culture has any impact on his personality.  If yes, so which sort of impact do you have, is this positive or negative? Then you can also ask about his leisure that what he like to do in his leisure because the area of interest reflect the personality of a person.

2) Salary

Another important marriage question is his monthly income, because every woman wants to spend a luxurious life, so it’s very obvious marriage question is to must ask about the salary question of the boy before say yes for marriage. After all, your future depends upon his income.

3) Ask about his affair

Our girls are most moderate than boys, so mostly they ask a question before marriage is have you ever fall in love with any other girl before today,  but you know it’s an important marriage question that must be clear about everything before getting marriage.

4) Lifestyle

Must ask this question before getting marriage that what are his interested area, his habits and lifestyle that how he likes to live.

5) Committed or faithful

Make sure that all the marriage questions and curiosities about his and his family are out of system, and ask openly that is he committed or not, and take words to him that he will never cheat you, then ask him about his faithfulness and honesty and be open and liberal while choosing your partner and asking question to say yes for marriage.

6) Future planning

Yes must solicit this important marriage question before say yes that what are his future planning, what are his desires, goals and missions.

7) Check flexibility

Please check and ask the balanced checklist of the boy before saying yes for marriage and make sure that he can adjust with you, and he will make your life even more special.

8) Religious perspective

This is the most important marriage question that you should to ask about his religious standpoint and community and you must need to ask about his norms and values to say yes for marriage.

Today many marriage couples are facing failures, do you know why? The simplest reason is parents don’t investigate and ask marriage questions from the other family, and they don’t let allow boys and girls to ask such marriage questions, after all, they have to get married not we, so we should to give them liberty in order to select their life partners, instead to choose boys or girls for your children to own. We should to give freedom to our children that to ask question to each other before say yes for marriage. By the time we reach in 21st century; our new generation needs authorization, they want to get love marriages or in the case of arrange marriages they want to ask question with full liberty before get marriage. This is their right to choose and to ask marriage question to their life partners and this is our responsibility to give freedom in order to choosing their soul mates.

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