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10 Great Ways to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a celebration of your love for each other. To make this day extra special and full of memories that you’ll cherish throughout the year, here are 10 great ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

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  1. Light up aromatic candles

Go the classic romantic way! Light up your house or bedroom with different aromatic candles and create a romantic ambiance. Then celebrate your anniversary with a great candlelight dinner.

  1. Open up a bottle of champagne

A great celebration calls for great champagne! Open up a bottle and celebrate your togetherness and love!

  1. Exchange ‘new’ vows for your anniversary!

Remember your wedding vows and add ‘new’ ones to it for the time you’ve spent as a married couple and your expectations for the future. Exchange your vows by pretending to be getting married again and have loads of fun!

  1. Grab a blanket and spend the night beneath twinkling stars!

Grab a blanket, some snacks, and the likes, and head to your terrace with your spouse. Cuddle up and spend a great night beneath twinkling stars that bear testimony to your great love!

  1. Cook some aphrodisiac foods together

How about whipping some cream together? Have some fun by painting his face with cream and then licking it off! You can try chocolates and cream dessert or chocolate-dipped strawberries! Let your imagination run wild.

  1. Prepare sexy love coupons for each other

Prepare some sexy love coupons for each other and hide in the house where the other can easily find them. Write things like ‘The coupon entitles the finder a great passionate kiss’. Celebrate your anniversary by playing this ‘Love Treasure Hunt’ game, where no one really loses!

  1. Watch your favorite romantic movies together

Another great way of celebrating is by snuggling and watching your favorite romantic movies together. Indulge in tons of caressing, kissing, and fondling!

  1. Revisit the places where you used to date

What great fun it is to revisit those places and relive those glorious and exciting days of new love when you guys found love for each other!

  1. Plan a beach party just for the two of you!

Grab your beachwear and head to the beach for some sexy time together!

  1. Arrange a trip to a romantic exotic location

It’s worth saving for such a trip. So plan ahead and have a great time together!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your anniversary, remember the important thing is to spend some quality time together and commemorate the wonderful gift of love that you two are enjoying! – magforwomen

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