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The Importance of Family Time

Children make their life around computer gaming, movies, net friends, mobile friends rather than their parents and siblings. This whole gap between children and parents is affecting whole society day by day. We all need to have a look on our behaviors and to change it positively by giving time to our family; quantitatively and qualitatively. We should give attention to each member of family and should share thoughts and feelings to each other to make strong bonding. We get too many advantages indirectly by giving time to our family.When we get attached to our family it give us so much confidence to feel that we are not all alone to face problems of life, there are relations close to us to motivate us , to secure us Children and parents develop a strong bonding when child shares his/ her problems, thoughts, feelings with parent and on other hand parents can get a chance to observe their child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to guide them in better way Children feel that they are important and loved by their parents.

There are so many activities that we can do. Here are some ideas how to give quality time to a family:

1-Dinner Time, Family Time

In past times families were dined together and shared their day’s experiences. But nowadays this habitude is getting over. The family experts recommend dining and eating together at least once a day. After a hectic working day, dinner time is best to get relax, share family interests, plans and stories within family. Try to make that time light and interesting by share some healthy family jokes. Avoid giving lectures and talking about disciplinary matters as by these act children couldn’t feel easy .Reserve problematic matters in session of family counseling. Moreover, Avoid rush to other activities just after finishing your meal and sit for more time for pleasant and relaxed conversation and make dinner time a family occasion.

2-Help Children in Doing Homework

Don’t hand over your child to tutors. Pay your full attention towards him/ her while your child is doing homework. Guide your child and help him/ her in solving problems. Survey shows that children give good reports who educates by their parents instead of tutors. If you give proper time to your child than you can confidently discuss your child’s education related issues in parents-teacher meeting confidently. Attend school events together. This is an excellent way to make strong bonding between you two in positive manner.

3- Healthy Sports Activities

You can make your time worthwhile with your family by playing indoor games as well as outdoor games according to their age. You may play board games, can go to gym, can play cricket or tennis. These are Healthy ways to get relax and enjoy each other’s company.

4-Make your weekends, Family Time

Throw away office matters from your mind and make your weekend just for your family. Go to theater, watch family movie at your home and then discuss movie’s positive and negative points. It’s an interesting way to provide your child, society’s good things to learn and adopt. You can go for shopping with the family; it can make a simple chore an event. You can go for family picnic, camping etc.

5-Just You and Me

Take out some time just for your spouse in which children should not be allowed. At least twice a month go out for a romantic dinner, or to a greenish park, memorize your good time spent with each other. Share each other’s positive qualities to warm up your relation. Exchange gifts, gifts not need to be so expansive, but should be a way to express your love and importance of your relationship.

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