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5 Ways to Show Your Man That You Are in the Mood

When was the last time you initiated a lovemaking session with your man? If your answer is never (or you can’t remember), you better be worried. It is a known fact that women tend to shy away from making the first move. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to make love and paint the bed dirty with your naughty moves. So go on, tell your partner that you want it, without actually saying it out loud.

Show Enthusiasm: Men love it when women show enthusiasm in bed or otherwise. When in the mood, hang around him and be enthusiastic about everything he is doing. He will love the attention, and well, you won’t have to initiate anything.

Pamper Him: After a long day at work, your man might just be too tired to think of sex. Relax him with a nice massage, and once all the stress is gone, his mind will be diverted to you and you will get a night to remember.

Fantasy Item: Ask your man to spill his secret fantasy. Dress up as his secret fantasy girl underneath your work clothes and let him get a sneak peek of it. He will go wild with passion when he gets to know about your surprise.

Name Sake: Do you have a name for him which you only yell out in bed? Well, just whisper it in his ears when you are in the mood to get down and dirty.

Sensory Hints: There are some smells that remind your man of you; like a specific dish or a certain soap you use. Try to find out what it is and make sure he gets plenty of that smell all day long. When he comes home he would have missed you so much that he’ll want to ravish you in the bedroom.

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