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5 Secrets of Contented Family

Having a glad family requires efforts and strategies that could work best for the family; it doesn’t magically take place this article enlisting 5 practicable strategies that makes a contented family.

1: Conduct  Family Meeting at Dinner

Sitting together on a dinner table give opportunity to each family member to hash out what is going on their lives. What is there and what needs to be there? Brainstorming allows identifying the hiccups’ turn into huge problems, but according to the psychologists difficult conversations take place on the table because everyone is stressed by the end of the day. It is recommended To have logical and thoughtful conversations after dinner time once your stomach is filled and mind is working.

2: Meeting in a Circular Way is the Best Way

Sitting in a circular way encourages conversation with direct face to face interaction. The ideal distance between people is 4- 5 feet so that a proper vision can take in the torso.

3. Is Your Kid ready for Punishment?

Parent- child relationship is the most beautiful relationship in this world and the most sensitive as well. The punishment of the crime should be communicated with your child first. For example: “if you will fail in Exam A, what will be your punishment? In this way kids will pick his (or her) punishment and take ownership of the bad behavior. Parents will turn their kid as a responsible person for the later and who doesn’t want their child to be a risk taker?

4: Practice Powerful Force Touch

If you have heard of ‘ Touch Therapy’, then it won’t be heck of thing to understand this phenomenon. Strong and happy families show a lot of physical affection, belongings, and spiritual affiliations.  Even simple patting on the back can make a significant difference in strengthening a bond.

5: Laughter & Laughter

Humor isn’t about looking for Knock- Knock Jokes, infact it’s about creating a light, atmosphere and mood around you that makes you feel delighted. Keeping everyone up-to-date on one another’s lives will encourage interest and happiness.  Be supportive , a cheerleader and welcoming  in all the matters and enhance one another’s ego.

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