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Dating Tips for Happily Married Couples

Happily married couples know that it takes a little work to keep the fires burning. Making sure to spend quality alone time together is an important way married couples reconnect and reignite their relationship. Here are some ways that happily married couples can find romance in the midst of their busy lives.

Do’s and don’ts for happily married couples

Do make sure to carve out time alone each week for each other. Even happy couples can lose their connection if they are always too busy working, caring for children or doing household chores. Plan a night alone together once a week, even if it’s only for an hour or two, to reconnect with one another.

Don’t forget the little things that keep romance alive. Send your loved one a quick love note during the day, bring roses home occasionally or surprise your loved one at work for an impromptu lunch date. Little actions will make your partner feel loved and treasured.

Date ideas for happily married couples

Just because you know each other inside-out doesn’t mean that you don’t have to date anymore. Take turns choosing an activity that each person enjoys and making that a part of your date night. Does your wife like to hike? Plan a hiking date. Is your husband into sports? Take him to a football game. Sharing time together is the most important part but doing something one or both of you enjoys makes time together even better. Other date ideas for married couples could include getting a massage together, playing a round of miniature golf or taking a stroll through the local park and enjoying a picnic lunch or dinner.

Ways to spice up your relationship

Keeping the passion in a long-term relationship takes effort on the part of both of the people involved. Try packing a sexy note in your partner’s lunch or briefcase for a mid-afternoon surprise. Plan ahead to take a half-day off from work and meet up at a nice hotel for an intimate afternoon. Or plan a romantic weekend vacation for two where you can get away from family and work obligations. Keeping the romance alive in a marriage takes some work but it’s well worth it.

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