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How To Breakup Without Causing Much Emotional Damage?

Millions of people have undergone a breakup, are undergoing and will continue to do so for as long as relationships exist.

Reasons are a lot more varied today and will be in the days to come. But these do not really matter and what it ultimately boils down to is the emotional damage and distress most breakups cause. While some wade through it before you bat an eyelid, some others take all eternity to battle it out.

Breakups can be relatively smoothly handled and results made less devastating if the tips mentioned below are followed.

1. Make sure you do it in person

It is often tempting to convey what you want to say over the phone or in a mail or in a message or just about any other way that is not personal. This is predominantly because you may want to avoid getting into a situation that is not really comfortable.

However, your partner may perceive this as insensitivity or sheer lack of care or negligence and that is precisely how the message will be delivered. Hence, gather some maturity and confidence to make it personal.

2. Honesty is certainly the best policy

It is very easy to state 101 excuses that most often sound empty and false. Ensure you remain honest about your feelings and concerns and convey to your boyfriend how you have tried to resolve it despite every issue.

Be sincere about your belief why the relationship may not work for the two of you and reason out rationally. Stress on the need of viewing your situation practically. However, be sensitive to the issue and it is good to be empathetic when there is a need to.

3. Choose a suitable time and location

Do not catch your partner unawares since what you want to convey is not something necessarily pleasant or what he desires to hear.

Location plays an equally important role. The place should neither spell discomfort nor be a contrast to the mood. A neutral location is always good or better still, choose your partner’s home if the atmosphere is conducive.

4. Rationalize

A general statement specifying that you want a breakup does no good. Rationalize if you have valid reasons and why you firmly believe that things will not turn out to be positive in the future.

5. Keep a tab on your emotions

If you have a particular distaste or have negative feelings towards your boyfriend or situation, do not by any means conduct yourself in a bad way. Neither seem happy that you are breaking up nor throw a temper tantrum. Remember that you have another person’s feelings to consider. Similarly, it is important to hear your partner out.

There are two people involved in a relationship or in a breakup. Considering the egos and feelings of both individuals is very important. Dealing with such sensitive issues with maturity and honesty assures an amicable solution and a lack of bitterness for the two.

Always remember that rejection hurts. Most of them who go through breakup experience some amount of difficulty and hurt. Diplomacy and sugar coated words do not ease the situation or provide any kind of solace. However, handling the situation with maturity and expressing genuine care for the other really helps you to settle things amicably.

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