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5 Romantic Honeymoon Places in the world

Romantic Places

The honeymoon is the one of romantic time of the life.  Most of teenagers start thinking about honeymoon when they in their teens.  Honeymoon is the only time when you get to know each other and this honeymoon is always remembered.  Well, after or before the wedding couple decides which place they want to go, most of the couple wants to go to the romantic places in world such as Rome, Paris, Mauritius and Switzerland.  Romantic places have some history such as Taj Mahal in India has a history, then Venice is called a romantic place due to Shakespeare novel.

There are so many places in the world and every country has some romantic place in it but it’s you who have to decide where to go.  Chose that spot which attracts you and your partner the most. Well, here we will talk about 5 romantic places in world, which will definitely make your honeymoon a memorable vacation.

1. Maldives:-

Honeymoon Places in Maldives

Maldives is ideal and romantic places for honeymoon.  Maldives is a beautiful and natural spot to spent honeymoon.  The small country of Asia is Maldives and it is full of natural beauty. Couples select this place because of its beaches.  A Country with white beaches is considered to be one of the romantic places in world.   The biggest attraction in the Maldives is its hotels which are cheap and good service.  An ideal spot for couples is a beach; they can spend quality time sitting on beaches. Scuba diving is another attraction for couples.  There are many floating bungalows which set on the blue water that is one of the romantic places in Maldives for honeymoon.

2. PARIS:-

Honeymoon in Paris

Paris is one of the romantic places in world. It is also called lovers points so its an ideal place for honey moon as Paris is a beautiful place. Walking on Paris streets and enjoying coffee with your husband is the best moment. Well, if you go to Paris on Christmas you will love the city and that will be perfect honeymoon. Visit romantic places in Paris like Eifel tower and enjoy the sunset. Enjoy French cuisines.

3. Thai Islands:-

Thai Islands Pictures

There are many beautiful islands in Thai land. Islands in Thailand’s are the romantic places in world. The Caribbean islands are beautiful, the water is blue and the green bushes have made the island more beautiful. The couple will love to spend their honeymoon on this island.  The resorts are made on the sea and that’s the most romantic place to stay.  Couples spent their honeymoon near volcanoes and forests.  There are some small islands in Thai land like Phuket, it is one of the beautiful islands and there is a lot to do in Phuket too. Koi samui, Koh lipe are some other islands there, they are also beautiful and ideal spot for  a honeymoon. Thai land is one of the romantic places and on the other hand it is really cheap.

4. Rome:-

Honeymoon Places in Rome

Rome is called one of the romantic places.  It is a very populated city, couples their romantic honeymoon in Rome.  Honeymoon couples can enjoy their honeymoon in Rome by going to operas, cafes and live music concerts. Rome is one of the romantic places in world as the city is full of art so go and see the Renaissance art there.   Rome is really famous due to its fountains so visit them.  Rome is a very different place, couples can enjoy honeymoon by going to famous Roman churches. One of the romantic places in Rome is Bridge Ponte Vecchio, it’s a myth that throws a key from that bridge into the river that means the love between the couple is forever.

5. London:-

London Romantic Place

London is one of the romantic places in world and everyone knows it. There is a lot to see in this city from museums to beaches.  One of the romantic places in London is London eye, take a ride in it.  Honeymoon couple can enjoy shopping and eating there.

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