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Teenage abductee “brutally bludgeoned” her captor’s mother to death with a rock

(Image: Cleveland Division of Police)

In a shocking case, 17-year-old Kaitlyn Coones is alleged to have brutally murdered 53-year-old Nicole Jones using a rock and by strangulation.

This grim incident unfolded while US Marshals were attempting to rescue Coones from her captor, Nicole’s son, Jonathan Jones. Coones, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, had reportedly been in a relationship with Jonathan, a convict, and was kidnapped by him.

The narrative takes a dark turn when Coones, frustrated with Jonathan’s inability to kill his mother as she had demanded, decides to take matters into her own hands. After Jonathan failed to carry out the murder over a span of more than five hours, Coones executed the gruesome act herself. Following the murder, the couple made a hasty escape to Mexico.

Their run from the law, however, was short-lived as they were tracked down and arrested in Chihuahua in May. The details of the case, as presented in court, portray a disturbing picture of manipulation and violence. Despite Coones’s age, she is being charged as an adult with multiple serious offenses, including aggravated murder and abuse of a corpse.

The case raises complex issues surrounding the influence and control within relationships, especially involving minors, and the extreme actions that can result from such dynamics. The prosecution alleges that Coones’s actions were premeditated and borne out of a desire to eliminate any obstacles to her relationship with Jonathan Jones.

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