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Puppy Paralyzed By Car Is Too Much To Handle & Dumped, Gets Run Over Again

Every dog deserves a happy life but some dog owners are too callous to understand that. When this puppy was first rescued and adopted, he had already been through so much. He was paralyzed from an accident and couldn’t use his back legs. Instead of taking good care of him, as his adopters promised, he was abandoned after he was injured again.

The poor pup was dumped in front of a school and as he waited, all alone, he was run over again. At only a year old, this dog had experienced so much physical and emotional pain. Thankfully, a kind person rescued the dog and brought him straight to the vet clinic.

The veterinarian confirmed that his injuries were from two separate accidents. Can you imagine how scared this poor boy must have been? He was totally susceptible and vulnerable to everything around him being that he couldn’t run away yet his owners just left him there! Who could be so heartless?

The vet performed additional tests and could see there was no way to repair his extensive nerve damage. He would be paralyzed for life but that didn’t mean he had to suffer. An organization reached out once the rescuers posted about the dog online. They offered to help with his care.

The pup was transferred to a special medical shelter inside a kind woman’s home. He could live a long happy life there and never have to worry about being left behind again. With physical therapy and lots of love, the pup could also strengthen his upper body enough to be fitted for a wheelchair. This would give him a full life where he can run and play with other dogs.

We are totally sickened by the actions of the dog’s owners but are so grateful he was saved in time. If you know someone who is struggling to care for their pets, please suggest they rehome them properly. There are many rescue organizations and no-kill shelters that will take unwanted animals in. There is never an excuse to dispose of an animal as if they mean nothing! To see the brave dog’s story, please scroll down.

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