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Abandoned Puppy Locks Eyes With A Cop, And The Cop Can’t Help But Pick Him Up

The staff at Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Florida were heartbroken to find a wee Pit Bull puppy dumped on their back porch. The poor baby was weakened and had somehow survived the freezing night outside, but his future looked pretty bleak at that point. However, his luck turned around the moment Officer Marcus Montgomery walked into the shelter!

Marcus was visiting the shelter on routine police business. He was just about to leave when the supervisor casually told him about the new dumped puppy. As the cop went in to see the puppy, he felt an instant connection with the shriveled up little one!

The feeble puppy was still yawning when Marcus nestled him in his arms. But it took mere seconds for the puppy to warm up to the officer. The staff made sure to take a snap of this heartwarming love-at-first-sight moment – which was already the mark of a grand new beginning for the puppy!

Marcus knew this puppy belonged with him, so he called his girlfriend and told her all about him. They adopted the puppy soon after, and named him Kylo. Once Kylo was settled in his new home, he happily bonded with his big Pit Bull brother named Vader, who was also previously adopted from the shelter.

Marcus feels blessed to have both Kylo and Vader in his life, especially when people keep looking down on Pit Bulls. Kylo is growing up amazingly with his cherished family, and he sure knows that the force will always be with him now!

Click the video below to watch how Officer Marcus saved Kylo’s life after a chance encounter!

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