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Donkey Sees His Friend Lying Dead And Cries Out Loudly Begging Him To Wake Up

There’s no denying the fact that animals feel emotions just like us. In this touching video, we see a herd of donkeys expressing profound grief over the untimely death of one of their friends. The agitation, hopelessness and despair they feel upon seeing their lifeless friend is truly heartbreaking.

The departed donkey in this video is “Bram”, who was a beloved member of his herd before succumbing to a dreadful lung disease. When the herd notices their caretakers shifting Bram’s corpse on a sheet, they sense the ominous aura in the air. They let out the most harrowing cries as they collectively come running to their dead friend to bid him a final farewell.

The dark brown donkey in this video is the leader of the herd who was also Bram’s best friend. The inconsolable guy is in absolute denial as he protectively prods his paws around Bram’s neck and bites his belly while begging him to wake up. The bereaved herd’s braying screams of agony even cause their emotional caretakers to burst into tears.

The distressed donkeys sob even harder when they are sure that Bram is no more of this world. Their mourning ritual as they pay their last respects to him crushed our souls to no end. Rest in peace, buddy.

Click the video below to watch the grieving donkey herd bidding a tearful farewell to Bram. Keep your volume up.

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