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Mum who spent £70k on plastic surgery says women worry she’ll steal their husbands

A fitness star says she’s judged by other mums on the school run.

With her glamorous style and age-defying looks, Tracy Kiss can be intimidating for some.

She takes pride in her appearance and has spent £70,000 on her looks, which have helped her to garner an Instagram following of 691,000.

The 33-year-old, from Buckinghamshire, told Truly: “I’ve had two eye surgeries, rhinoplasty, four boob jobs, a labiaplasty and a Brazilian bum lift.”

She’s planning £4,000 eyelid surgery for her next op, which she hopes will make her look even more youthful.

The mum has the opinion that “plastic is fantastic”.

Tracy got her first breast procedure at the age of 18, which was to stop her boobs being asymmetrical.

She also got a lot more work done after having her kids Millie, 13, and Gabrielle, eight.

The gym bunny got a designer vagina worth £5,000 to rejuvenate her intimate areas after giving birth.

She also bought stomach tightening sessions to banish any stretch marks she was left with.

Tracy has managed to turn back the clock so much that she sometimes borrows her 13-year-old daughter Millie’s clothes.

Tracy looks great – but there are some who judge her because of her appearance.

She said: “Some mums think I’m going to steal their husbands or that I’m a porn star.”

The personal trainer also has to put up with hateful comments from strangers who think she should dress more conservatively.

She said: “(They say): ‘If you are a mother why are you in hot pants doing a workout online?’

“Or ‘put your body away, you’re disgusting and ugly’.”

Some even tell the influencer: “Mothers shouldn’t behave that way”.

Tracy also gets gawped at by kids and parents in the playground, but she doesn’t take the stares to heart.

The mum said: “Regardless of what people say, I will still do it because it’s me…

“To be the best mother possible, I have to be the happiest me I can be.

“In doing what makes me happy, I’m happier towards the children.

“I feel great, I live positively and I don’t hurt other people so I think everyone should live that way.”

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