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Know something Amazing about Sun Loving Plants

Sun Loving Plants

As a gardener you surely know about many plants. Some of them are so sensitive that they have lives longer as that of summers and spring but some of them are so tough that they even manage to live in chilling winds of winters.

Sun loving Plants are those plants who love sun simply. Well to tell you in detail they are the plants who rely on sun for growing and blooming. If you keep them in shade they will fade for sure. Here are some sun loving plants. They are beautiful and delicate and unique in their nature but on other hand they require extra care.


Cockscomb Flower

Cockscomb is one of spring flower. You can find their colors ranging from dark brown to hot sizzling pink. Their surface is vivid and really soft. Their patterns on the leave and stem are like brains having rainbow of colors. The cockscomb can increase your garden’s beauty. It has beautiful crests. The cockscomb requires good drainage and sun light for sure.

Spider flower:

Spider Flower

Spider flowers are tall and gives a drama classic look in off spring. The spider flower owns extremely long, stamens which are followed by slender seed pods that offer a generous supply of offspring. All they need are sun and good drainage. As a beauty of your garden spider flowers are available in varieties of colors like white, pink, rose and violet. Beware they are thorny. The newer variety of spider flower is Seniorita Rosalita series makes a 3- to 5-foot mound.


Gomphrena Flower

The Gomphrena which is a drought-tolerant summer bloomer come in intense purple, red, orange, lavender-pink and white colors. Here you can imagine the spring of colors the 1-inch blooms are carried on stiff. They are 10 inches long usually. They are famous in having cut flower looks. They are also sun loving and requires good drainage. Your sunrooms can be the best place to keep them.

Periwinkle (vinca)


If You are having a hot bed in the garden’s shade area then Periwinkles offer quarter-sized single blooms in deep rose, pink, red and white are for you. The lush dark-green foliage on periwinkle creates drought-tolerant effect. This wonder garden decoration is 6- to 14-inch mounds that can be used as groundcovers, borders and in containers. They require good drainage and good rays of sun.

Have these sun loving plants in your garden and see the plants beauty in all times. Happy gardening since you won’t be seeing your garden having drought even in summers.

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