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Spruce up your garden decor this year: Highlight and compliment your garden with some easy to follow tips.

Spruce up your garden decor this year: Highlight and compliment your garden with some easy to follow tips.

Garden decor involves the use of varying objects in the garden to accentuate the existing flowers, garden plants, and landscape. You must decide on a style for your garden design. Do you want a whimsical looking garden or a Zen style Japanese garden? There are so many different looks you can opt for. So here are some essential tips for any garden décor revamp.
When accentuating a garden using decoration pieces, it is important to have a plan which highlights the best parts of the garden. This could be a fountain or other water feature in your garden. Water adds a very tranquil and calming effect to your overall garden décor. A garden pond requires effort to build but can add such a great dimension to a garden when live fish are added. Add a waterfall element to your pond and marvel at the beauty of it for years.
Seating is a vital! This is where your garden will usually be admired from. Placing a table with single-seater chairs and a large parasol can look wonderful. Also add benches of bamboo or teak, near flower arrangements and garden plants.
Garden plants and flowers are what will bring your garden to life all year round. Choose wisely and arrange the placement so that each garden plant compliments the other. This is where garden design comes in very useful. Some garden plants and flowers which I find very eye catching are the following:

  •      Trillium
  •      Shooting Stars
  •      Passionflower Vines
  •      Plumeria
  •      Roses

Additionally garden decor also includes the use of clever lighting. Natural wick lanterns look great. Hanging your lanterns from posts or tree branches adds a nice element. Long garden candles look beautiful too.
Garden decor usually includes items such as, fairies, gnomes, frogs and religious figures such as angels and Buddha statues. You can also use sand and rocks which adds a more Zen style of décor to your garden.
Do remember, when purchasing anything for your garden it is usually worth investing in a nicer item that will last longer, especially for any decoration that is year round and kept outdoors.

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