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Selecting Chandeliers is a Big Question


ChandeliersIlluminating the spaces within your home is an inevitable requisite. There are several ways of arranging adequate lighting for rooms. Chandeliers are a decorative fixture that is decadent and extravagant along with being purely functional. They are used for illuminating purposes for centuries but one has to be very careful while making chandeliers selection as they are usually the main focus of the room where they hang.

Womenz Mag spotlights the minor factors which are usually over looked while selecting an appropriate chandelier and its installation. Following are the answers of all queries to make your dilemma of chandelier choice solved.

Where to hang a Chandelier:

Traditionally, The chandeliers were considered to be a best fit either for dining or drawing rooms or foyers. But nowadays, the situation has altogether changed because of the availability of several such decorative fixtures which can complement the decor of any room. There are different varieties for living room chandeliers, large bed room chandeliers, kitchen chandeliers etc. Reason is again the requirement of provision of lighting for rooms.

Which size should a Chandelier be:

There is a simple formula which can make your choice much easier for the calculation of chandelier size in inches.  First, determine the length and width of the room and add those figures together. The sum, converted to inches, will provide the diameter of the correct size chandelier. For example, if you are looking for a dining room chandelier when the size of your dining is 12 ft by 17ft. you will add these numbers. The answer is your required size in inches. That is 12+17=29 inches.

How to enhance the visibility of a chandelier: If a chandelier to be placed over a large dining table, has a broad and large bottom it would become more noticeable. Moreover, the chandelier should be three quarter the width of table. In the same way, chandeliers for high ceiling areas should be placed above human eye level that is at least 6-7 ft above the floor. Decorative fixtures like chandelier if placed in a large bed room should be installed at such a height that they become visible from outside the window. Following the aforesaid ideas, you can easily enhance the visibility of your decorative fixtures.

How much lighting for room is required:

Illumination depends on the nature, quality and amount of light in wattage. If you have a rough estimate of how much brightness would be enough for the space, it becomes easier to select the chandelier which would provide the desired functionality. After all the major purpose of installing a decorative fixture is lighting for room. Again there is a formula which can help finding the amount of light required, for specific volume, in wattage.

The square feet area of the room multiplied by 1.5 gives the amount of light required in wattage. But if you need a stronger and glaring illumination effect, then multiply the square footage area with 2.5 rather than 1.5. Type of light can also be monitored and achieved. There are several chandelier options that provide glaring and bright lighting effect as well as those which impart dim, ambient and subtle lighting for room.

Which design type to opt:

There are numerous design options as far as decorative fixtures like chandeliers are concerned. Such as, rustic, wrought iron, crystal, retro, stained glass, functional, traditional, etc. Anything that you find catchy and the theme which complements the other fixtures to be placed in certain area, can be gone for. Just make sure that the theme of your chandelier is not in conflict with the other decorative pieces of your interior.

Saving Energy:

The bulb types used in chandeliers should be energy savers so that the chandeliers can be used more often without creating any harm for the environment.

We hope that you make informed choices in decorative fixtures and enjoy your precise selection for a luxury living.

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