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5 Beautiful Indoor House Plants for Your Home

Plants come in all shapes and sizes including indoor house plants. Indoor gardening is not only fun and refreshing but it also adds beauty to your house as well when you put up best house plants in your house. Not only it brings the nature inside your house, it is also a brilliant home decor idea in which you really don’t have to spend that much. There are different types of indoor house plants which can be used in your home but I am only going to tell you about the best house plants which are not only beautiful themselves but will make you house look beautiful too.  But there is one other major advantage of having indoor house plants which that house plants purifies the air in your house by releasing pure oxygen for you which will definitely put a positive effect on our health. So there is more than one great reason to have indoor house plants. Now let me start telling you about the best indoor house plants which you should use.

5 Beautiful Indoor House Plants:

1: African violet Indoor House Plant:

African violet Indoor House Plant

Also known as Saintpaulia ionantha is the one of the most beautiful indoor house plants which you can find. The best part about having these type of house plants in your indoor garden that it is one of those house plants which are easy to grow and there is no particular time for them to bloom because they bloom all year round.  Warm conditions and filtered sunlight is the most suitable environment for these indoor house plants. These indoor house plants come in almost any color you like giving your house a versatile and unique look. It is pretty easy to start a new plant of them as all you have to do is to cut off a leaf and root in moist potting mix. Last but not the least do keep in mind that avoid getting water on its fuzzy leaves which can leave brown spots.

2: Spider Indoor House Plant:

Spider Indoor House Plant

Spider plant or Chlorophytum comosum is one of those rapid growing indoor house plants. The lush green color of their leaves is quite refreshing. It not only looks good but also has a great benefit of removing poisonous gases from the air making it much cleaner for us to breathe in. The best suitable place for these house plants is in the kitchen or very near to remove the carbon monoxide.

3: Peace Lilies Indoor House Plant:

Peace Lilies Indoor House Plant

Peace Lilies are a good choice if you are searching for good indoor house plants as these house plants can tolerate low light. Their deep green leaves cast a good look while it also purifies air. The sizes of its leaves vary from big and small which give a nice look of plant like city. Peace Lilies need bright but indirect light and moist soil to grow so do make sure you take of these.

4: Succulents Indoor House Plants:

Succulents Indoor House Plants

Next one indoor house plants top 5 chart which we are going to tell you about is Succulents. These types of indoor house plants store a lot of water in their stems and leaves but do make sure you water them very carefully. Another thing which should be kept in mind that the water in the soil should be drained otherwise that extra bit of water will cause these indoor house plants to rot. It would be best if you used a shallow pot instead of a deeper one.

5: Oxalis Indoor House Plants:

Oxalis Indoor House Plants

After discussing some green how about we add some colorful indoor house plants in our piece on best house plants? How about some pink and purple combination? Yes I am talking about Oxalis. The bright purple color of the triangular and clover like leaves will be the first thing which will grab your attention when you will enter the room. The flowers are pink with green foliage. These three colors make a great combination for a house plant used for home decor. You need medium to bright light and evenly moist soil to grow them.

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