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Prince Harry’s cousins were ‘very affected’ by his aunt Sarah Ferguson’s cancer diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and aunt to Prince Harry, recently shared her experience with breast cancer, highlighting the significant impact it had on her family, especially her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.

In an interview with HELLO! Magazine, Ferguson described her cancer diagnosis as a devastating event, likening it to a “bomb going off” that disrupted normal life for her and her family. She expressed gratitude for the immense support she received from her daughters during her mastectomy and recovery, calling them “magnificent.”

Ferguson, 64, emphasized the importance of regular health check-ups, crediting a mammogram, which she initially considered delaying, for the early detection of her cancer. Her sister Jane played a crucial role in encouraging her to attend the screening.

Following her mastectomy, Ferguson underwent breast reconstruction surgery. She humorously shared on her Tea Talks podcast how she named her reconstructed breast Derek, finding humor in the situation while referring to her other breast as Eric. She joked about the differences between Derek and Eric, bringing a lighter perspective to her journey.

Ferguson also spoke with People about her healing process, mentioning her daughters, who are 35 and 33 years old, and her grandchildren as her biggest sources of support and joy. She described Beatrice and Eugenie as her “wholehearted cheerleaders” and “soulmates,” emphasizing their constant support. The Duchess also noted the healing power of joy and laughter, citing her grandchildren as “spectacular healers” in her journey to recovery.

Overall, Ferguson’s experience with breast cancer has been a journey of support, humor, and resilience, with her family playing a crucial role in her healing and recovery.

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