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How to Create a Paneled Headboard

Create a Paneled Headboard

Paneled Headboard

There are so many things at home that you can do yourself. You don’t need to depend on anyone to come and do them for you. They look great and they are really easy to do. One of these could be a paneled headboard.

There are a few steps that you need to follow and you are good to go. You can also give your partner a surprise by creating a paneled headboard yourself.

Step 1: Gather your tools and materials

  • 2×4 untreated lumber
  • 4X8X1/2-inch untreated plywood
  • jigsaw
  • power drill
  • 1 3/4-inch wood screws
  • staples and staple gun
  • sandpaper or orbital sander
  • electric knife
  • upholstery foam
  • batting
  • fabric
  • spray adhesive
  • multipurpose glue
  • mask

Step: 2 Sketch the Headboard

Get new bedding with a vertical three paneled headboard. Try using a neutral fabric which goes with the paneled headboard as well.

Try using VOCs, MDF or particleboard since they are better than treated wood and also safer to use in bedrooms.

Vertical panels will make the ceiling look high. Three panels together should be two inches wider than the mattress. It is up to you how tall you want it to be.

Sketch the panels on butter paper and paste it on the wall. Make sure you check the shape and size of the panels.

Step 3: Build the Frame

Trace panels on ½ inch plywood and cut with jigsaw. Sand edges smooth.

Build an exterior frame to fit the three panels in them. Use pocket holes to screw the frame together. The side of the frames should extend to the floor to form legs.

Step 4: Upholster the Panels

Use adhesive spray and glue upholstery foam on each panel. Then trim it with an electric knife to fit it.
Use spray adhesive, cover foam with batting, overlapping 4 inches around the edges and stapling in place on back.

By using spray adhesive, cover batting with fabric, overlapping 4 inches around the edges and stapling in place on back.

Step 5: Attach the Frame and Panels

Then lay panels face-down on floor. Then position frame on top of panels.

Pre-drill holes and screw frame to panels from back. Then use a depth gauge or precision thickness gauge to

make sure screws don’t penetrate front of panels.

Attach headboard legs to bed frame with L-brackets or screw them into wall studs.

Your Paneled Headboard is ready to use.

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