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How to Build a Hoop Style Greenhouse

Hoop style Greenhouse

Hoop style GreenhouseThere are so many things that can you can do yourself and surprise yourself as well as your family. This style of a greenhouse is the most economical one and the steps are mentioned which you can follow in order to achieve a hoop style greenhouse.

Following are the steps that you need to take while intending on building a hoop style greenhouse.

  • The first step is to decide the location. The location should be preferably as big as the size of a usual greenhouse. You should make sure that the surface is relatively leveled and the heat exposure is just perfect which is 6 hours or more direct sunlight and 24 hours in winters. Make sure that the length of the greenhouse goes from east to west or west to east. This is only to acquire the longest exposure when the sun is shining.
  • You will also need water and electricity so keep that in mind while deciding the location of the greenhouse.
  • A foot print of about 12”x14” would be good.
  • This plan includes a Quonset shaped hut made of PVC and covered with a plastic film. The base is simple wood rectangle made of pressure treated 2”x6” pine boards. A few more boards frame the end walls and door. The floor is slightly gravel. These materials used in the making are very inexpensive and are really easy to work with.
  • Make a smart move while deciding the location because it will cut down your work of leveling the ground or digging it.
  • Once the site is prepared sink four corner posts and nail on the baseboards. Put a down a gravel floor at least a couple of inches deep and rake it level. Lay out the PVC pieces then assemble them, glue and fit them together. Once dry, prop up the frame with a ladder under each end of the center rib, letting the side ribs hang down.
  • Attach the bottom of each rib to the outside of the baseboard using metal straps and screws.
  • Nail and screw the wooden end frames in place, build the door and hang it. Attach each end rib to the end frame.
  • Now cover the whole thing with plastic sheeting.
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