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Woman As a Chief Executive

Woman As a Chief Executive

Woman As a Chief ExecutiveOver the years the number of female chief executives has increased. Women are now equal in every aspect. We see women as chief executives in every department: media, advertising, journalism, corporate world, designing and so forth.

In the age of gender equality many women can be seen running organizations at the top level. Woman as chief executive is not a very unique site nowadays.  Today, when women are highly qualifies, skilled, devoted and determined; they are equally successful and productive as chief executive.

Now both men and women are treat as equals in every aspect. Men do not feel ashamed to help their wives in household chores. This change has made it easier for women to succeed in careers. When couples help each other to run a house, both of them can pursue their careers. Though most of the chief executives are still males, the number of female chief executives is increasing day by day.

Brenda Barnes was the head of Pepsi Co when in 1998 she left the business world to spend more time with her family. Though her move is considered a career suicide by most people women around the world still appreciates her. She achieved her target and then left. She showed the world that like men she could also be head of a massive organization. She taught at a graduate school, served at boards of seven companies and served as interim president of Star wood Hotels. Brenda’s career shows that as a woman she had no reservation working hard and devoting her time and energy to her career.

Cathleen Black is another Chief executive who has shown women around the world their real potential. She is the president of Hearst Magazines Division, world’s largest publishers of monthly magazine like Cosmopolitan, good housekeeping, esquire and so forth. She started her career by working with New York magazine.  From there on her creativity took her long on the road of success. Currently she is the president of Hearst Magazines Division and is also on the board of IBM and Coca Cola.

Women as Chief executives are successful in any line. They are serving in the radio department, journalism and marketing, stock exchange, designing and the corporate world.

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